May 14, 2021

The psychedelic bus of Paul McCartney that ended up abandoned in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

A bus that Paul MCCARTNEY used for his tours in the seventies, and which ended up abandoned for years in Tenerife, has been restored and went to auction this week.

It was the seventies. After the breakup of the Beatles and a couple of solo albums, McCartney had set up a band called Wings with which he starred in great tours. For one of those tours in Europe, he acquired a convertible bus and painted with psychedelic colors.

The fact is that this bus ended up in Tenerife, it was abandoned in the garden of the owner of an island cafeteria. When Justin James, his current owner, recognized her, he thought of taking her back to the UK although he didn't know very well how he was going to do it. He claims that it took him "eight years to take her back to Oxfordshire."

With cranes they managed to remove it from the site and recover it. James states in statements to the BBC that had invested more than 28,000 euros in that work. Without intending to use it, he has decided to auction the bus in Omega Auctions. The auction will end this Sunday, and is part of a series of Beatles products.

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