May 31, 2020

The PSOE would have won in Andalusia, according to GAD3 survey

The PSOE would have won the general elections in Andalusia by obtaining between 24 and 25 deputies, of the 61 that are elected in the autonomous community, according to a survey conducted by GAD3 for public television.

The survey, made for Canal Sur, Forta and RTVE, grants between 24 and 25 deputies to the PSOE, 14-15 to the PP; 12-14 to Vox; 6 to United We can and 3 to Citizens.

In the previous general elections of April 28 of this 2019, the PSOE won in Andalusia, winning 24 seats, followed by Citizens and PP, both with 11 seats, although Cs obtained more votes; United We can with 9 seats and Vox with 6.

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