September 19, 2020

The PSOE will reject the commission of inquiry into the finances of Podemos in Congress

The PSOE will allow the processing of the investigation commission on the finances of Podemos that the PP has registered in Congress, but will vote against its creation. Sources of the socialist leadership explain to that legally the qualification of a parliamentary initiative cannot be rejected in the Board of Congress if it has the approval of the lawyers, but that in the Board of Spokespersons – which is the body that has political position – will vote against the request of the Conservatives.

The Board of Congress, the body that guides parliamentary activity, analyzes on Wednesday several initiatives at the proposal of the groups at the start of the political course. One of the requests is the creation of an investigation commission on the Podemos accounts that the PP registered as a result of the judicial investigation that emanates from the complaint of an ex-lawyer from the formation of Pablo Iglesias for which such a case has been opened as from a report from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of Accounts that points to alleged irregularities in a campaign contract.

“If Podemos has nothing to hide, it will have no problem that this commission of inquiry is developed in Congress. If Podemos wants to block it, the PSOE will have to show whether it is willing to be in power at any price or whether it is willing to investigate what his partner has done in relation to the murky financing that is being discovered and that the courts are already investigating, “said PP spokesperson Cuca Gamarra, announcing the request for the creation of that body that would be extended for six months.

As with the requests for the appearance of the second vice president to give explanations in Congress about this information, the PSOE will not oppose the procedure but will later vote against it. So it happened in the request to appear in the Permanent Delegation last week. All groups except for PP, Ciudadanos and Vox knocked down the initiative for Iglesias to go to Parliament.


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