The PSOE will not present any candidate for the European Socialist race to the EC

The PSOE will not present any name to the candidacy opened this week in the European Socialist Party to elect the nominee of the social-democratic community family to the European Commission, spokeswoman Iratxe García confirmed to Efe.

"It is not in the plans to propose a Spanish candidate," said Garcia, who at the same time recalled that the deadline is open until next day 18.

At the internal meeting of the group of Social Democrats in the Eurocámara (S & D), its president, Udo Bullmann, explained to the rest of the members that the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, made it clear that Spain will not present any candidate when they agreed on the Salzburg (Austria) summit in September, parliamentary sources told Efe.

After his presence and intervention before the European group in Strasbourg during the September plenary session, some members understood that the Spanish Foreign Minister and ex-president of the Eurocámara, Josep Borrell, could be eligible for the nomination, explained the same sources.

If the social democratic group in the EP is reissued in the European Parliament that emerges from the elections of May 2019, the Spanish Socialists would become the most numerous after the Germans.

British Labor will leave the group for the "brexit" and could also do the Italian delegation, the Democratic Party.


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