Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The PSOE wants that the autonomic financing is in the Constitution

The PSOE wants that the autonomic financing is in the Constitution

The program of the PSOE for the next legislature includes a reform of the Constitution to guarantee a system of financing in which the autonomous governments are responsible for their own budgets before the electorate and recognize the municipality as a basic territorial unit.

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Regarding the regional financing, he points out that the Magna Carta does not contain any "minimally precise" rules for the autonomous communities, which he considers a "singularity", since in the decentralized states "the Constitution prefigures, at least", the system of financing that will be applied.

Therefore, the result has been "instability and dissatisfaction", so the Constitution must include "fundamental decisions" on the distribution of financial powers and the principles by which resources are distributed.

For the Socialists, the way to operate the financial leveling mechanisms and guarantee of the principle of territorial solidarity must be established in the reform, in order to give it the greatest transparency and guarantee the participation of the territories in the concretion of the model through a different configuration of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council.

Regarding local autonomy, refers to the "attempt to cut" the scope of action of local authorities that has led to the Law on Rationalization and Sustainability of Local Authorities, approved by the PP, and claims to overcome the "limited constitutional guarantee" of local autonomy and its financial sustainability.

Therefore, it should recognize the municipality as a basic territorial unit, as well as its own competences.

Calls for a different legal regime for urban and rural municipalities, having different needs and objectives.

The former must meet a demand for public services that is sometimes massive, while in rural areas the emphasis must be placed on the fight against depopulation.

In both cases, the socialist program points out, "it is essential" to improve financing through the provision of minimum own taxes, without prejudice to others that may be recognized by state and regional legislation, as well as to facilitate the free disposal of resources derived from the participation in the income of the State.


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