The PSOE turns around the starting positions on its lists

Torres, candidate for the Presidency, Vanoostende, candidate for La Palma, and Franquis for Gran Canaria. / C7

Alicia Vanoostende is the candidate for La Palma, although her designation may jump as collateral damage due to the Mediator case

B. Hernandez

regional executive of the
Socialist Partyapproved this Friday afternoon
applications of the next elections, which suppose
an overturn regarding the starting points
Parliament of the Canary Islands in 2019.

The leadership of the PSOE undertakes a
major renovation despite being the group with the most deputies and governing the autonomous community. These lists will be
endorsed by the regional committee.

In this sense, the
regional platewhich heads the
sSecretary General and candidate for the Presidency, Ángel Víctor Torreswill have as
number two to a woman from Tenerife -conditioned by territorial and parity balance-, who will be the
Councilor for Culture of La Laguna, Yaiza López.

list for Tenerife is once again headed by the Secretary of Organization,
No Iron. In number three concurs
Patricia Hernandezwhich in 2019 was number two on the regional plate.

Changes in the parliamentary group

yaiza lopez

Number two on the regional list

The candidate for the Presidency must have a woman as 'number two' and, out of respect for territorial balance, from Tenerife. The position has fallen to Councilor López, from La Laguna.

Theresa Cruz

It will not be in the candidacy

The former Minister of Health of the Government and spokesperson for social affairs in this legislature does not appear in the candidacy of the Socialist Party for the island of Tenerife.

Iñaki Lavandera

leave parliament

The deputy spokesman for the Socialist Party leaves the regional Parliament after twelve years as a deputy. He replaces him as head of the list for Fuerteventura, Manuel Hernández.

number five it is occupied by the national deputy
Tamara Rayaalthough this position was in
dispute with the
former Minister of Health, Teresa Cruz, who finally jumped out of the candidacy. Of
number two keep going
the president of Parliament, Gustavo Matosand is incorporated
Manuel Fumero.


He too
deputy spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group and deputy for
Fuerteventura, Inaki Lavandera,
will leave the House. He will take his place as head of the list
the former Minister of Finance of the Majorero Cabildo, Manuel Hernándezy
repeat Rosa Bella Cabrera.

Another initially closed name is that of the
Minister of Agriculture, Alicia Vanoostende, for La Palmaa position that will be compatible with the City Council of Los Llanos de Aridane.

Move in this case to
former Secretary of Organization and member of the Bureau of Parliament, Jorge González, although the crisis unleashed by the Mediator case could make this appointment jump. As
number two will be the insular leader
Manuel Abrante.

One of the doubts that have remained until the last moment is whether the only socialist mayor of
La Gomera, Manuel Ramon Plasencia, jump to Parliament. the deputy
Ventura del Carmen Rodríguez, who goes to number twoit is likely that he will resign.

Currently, she
is the only representative of the PSOE on this islandsince the other three seats correspond to ASG.

Gran Canaria will keep the insular secretary as head of the list,
Sebastian Franquiswhile the
number two will be Elena Máñez.

Parliamentary spokesperson
Old German,
go to number fourat the same time that the starting point is designated
Vice President of the Cabildo, Miguel Ángel Pérez.
Mauricio Roque changes Parliament for the capital's City Council y
nor does Pino González repeat.

Lanzaroteand the list continues
no big changes. It is led by the insular president,
Dolores Corujoand they will accompany you again
Marcos Hernandez and Lucia Tejera.

Matos and Hernández (d) repeat on the list to Parliament. / arcadio suarez

Hernández leads Zambudio, formerly of Ciudadanos, as an independent

The only attempt to storm that has been declared within the PSOE due to the configuration of the lists has to do with the inclusion, as an independent candidate, of Matilde Zambudio in the candidacy of Patricia Hernández for the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council.

This name was not submitted to the consideration of the socialist assembly and was "placed" by the local leader as number five on the plate, behind José Ángel Martín, Elena Mateo and Florentino Guzmán, according to party sources in Tenerife.

Zambudio herself announced earlier this week that she was joining Hernández's project because, as she pointed out, "I have witnessed how he recovered the money from Las Teresitas, stopped the plunder of EMMASA and how the team that gave political alternation to Santa Cruz, for the first time in 40 years, was censured by those who have always governed thanks to the support of a defector", referring to Evelyn Alonso, who ran for Ciudadanos in the last elections.

Matilde Zambudio also attended the capital of Tenerife in 2019 with these acronyms and supported, along with another candidate from this formation, the investiture of Patricia Hernández as mayor. This performance earned her the expulsion from the orange formation, but finally Justice agreed with them.