The PSOE supports the electoral advance of Diaz to "increase" its result

The PSOE supports the electoral advance of Diaz to "increase" its result

The spokesperson of the Electoral Committee of the PSOE, Esther Peña, said that if the president of Andalusia, Susana Diaz, today announced the call for early elections, the party leadership will give "all the support you need to revalidate and increase the result" of the last elections.

In a press conference in Ferraz, Peña has taken for granted that Diaz will announce the call for elections this afternoon, although he has stressed that such a decision is a power that corresponds only to her.

"We are in constant communication with her and she knows that we are pursuing the same goal: that the decision she makes autonomously benefits the Andalusians", said the socialist leader, noting that, to date, "the Andalusians have it became clear that Cs has taken a position in which it stops giving stability to the government "and that, therefore," it is logical to propose a new alternative and that is what the president of Andalusia does ".

The spokesperson of the Electoral Committee, an organ that has held its constituent meeting this morning with the task of coordinating the campaign for regional, municipal and European elections in May, has emphasized that it will also give Diaz all the support it needs for a campaign. in which the Socialists put themselves "from top to bottom, from the President of the Government", Pedro Sánchez, "all at his disposal".

Convinced that Diaz has known "put the interest of Andalusian citizens in their decision making", the socialist spokeswoman has insisted that Andalusian socialism "knows that it has all the support of the President of the Government and the PSOE", while has marked as objective to improve the result of the last elections.

"She knows that this Electoral Committee, the federal executive of the PSOE and President Pedro Sánchez will give him all the support he needs to revalidate and increase his result."


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