July 29, 2021

The PSOE signs the political scientist Sami Naïr as a candidate for the European elections

The PSOE signs the political scientist Sami Naïr as a candidate for the European elections

The PSOE signs the political scientist Sami Naïr for the European elections. Pedro Sanchez has offered the expert professor in migration a prominent position in the list to the European Parliament for the elections of next May 26, according to confirmed socialist sources to eldiario.es.

Sami Naïr, who has accepted the offer, joined Sánchez's project when he was still in the opposition as a member of the expert committee set up by the then candidate for the presidency of the Government in 2015. That team participated in the preparation of the electoral program of the PSOE and the professor took charge of Cooperation area on the Mediterranean and Migrations.

Now Sanchez recovers for the list for the European at a time when the president is convinced that the immigration issue will be "one of the great battles" of the political discussion of those elections, according to the sources consulted.

Sami Naïr, born in Algeria in 1946, was already an MEP in the legislature from 1999 to 2004, although he was part of the Socialist Group in Brussels as a candidate in France. Later he joined the group of the non-registered and, later, he joined the Group of the European Left.

The Professor in Political Sciences at the University of Paris VIII, regular contributor to the newspaper El País, is a specialist in migratory movements and is a proponent of the development of integration policies for migrants. The one who will be a candidate for the European ones in the PSOE list recently warned that "racism and xenophobia" are being used as "electoral merchandise" in reference to the rise of the extreme right in Europe that has now gained strength in Spain as well. Vox. He is also a supporter of promote a Marshall Plan in Europe to "integrate the marginalized and excluded classes".

In his political activity, the also human rights expert, was an adviser to the Socialist Government of Lionel Jospin and Counselor in the French Ministry of the Interior between 1997 and 1998. He was appointed by the Prime Minister Interministerial Delegate for co-development and international migration in 1998 1999. In the European Parliament, he was a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee on the Rights of Persons, Common Security and Defense Policy. He also chaired the Delegation for Relations with the Mashrek countries and the Persian Gulf States.


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