June 13, 2021

The PSOE shows the door to Gabilondo

The PSOE of Madrid bustles after sinking in the Community with its worst historical result -24 seats, thirteen less than two years ago- and at lose opposition leadership. The leadership of Pedro Sánchez gave a clear message on the same election night by pointing out the need to “renew” the Madrid federation for the 2023 elections -a plan already planned in any case in the congress this fall-, but also wants to that there is an immediate assumption of responsibility to weather the storm. The PSOE has shown the exit door to Ángel Gabilondo, to whom they attribute much of the fiasco for his low profile in opposition to Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Madrilenians elevate Ayuso, the PSOE collapses and Pablo Iglesias abandons politics

Madrilenians elevate Ayuso, the PSOE collapses and Pablo Iglesias abandons politics

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Moncloa and the regional leadership consider that Gabilondo should step aside and give way from the beginning of this short term to whoever can take the reins of the Socialist Group in the Assembly, which will arrive weakened and as a third force after the sorpasso of More Madrid. “We believe that it should not be a spokesperson,” they acknowledge in the regional leadership, in a message in tune with the one that Ferraz has issued since the election night. “The socialists of Madrid have in these two years a double task: to exercise the leadership of the opposition with responsibility so that the vaccination ends with order and an economic recovery is undertaken that benefits those who need it most. And also, to fine-tune and renew our organization in the face of the ordinary elections scheduled for two years from now, “said Organization Secretary, José Luis Ábalos, who assured that the renewal would be imminent:” We have two years ahead of us to build the progressive alternative that Madrid needs. We will know how to take advantage of them. And we get to it from this very moment. ”

Ábalos has also spoken in the past of the socialist candidate, of whom he has said that “he has fulfilled his function” and that it will be the Madrid socialists who will make “their own decisions.” “It has provided one more service and of course it must be respected. The management is very grateful for the service it has provided and the function it has fulfilled in an absolutely disinterested and generous way,” said the Secretary for Organization, who at that time already he had dispatched with Pedro Sánchez and the socialist leadership to analyze the failure of the 4M.

Despite the clear message from the regional leadership – which will meet this Wednesday afternoon, despite the fact that it was initially scheduled to do so on Thursday – Gabilondo flatly refuses to step aside. He said it in his assessment of the results -when he congratulated the 136 elected deputies, including himself, as he ironically- and through his press team, who wanted to settle the controversy immediately in the face of speculations that have been unleashed in the Madrid federation always convulsed: “Ángel Gabilondo will collect his deputy certificate, will continue working in the Madrid Assembly and does not consider resigning. We deny any information that affirms otherwise.”

The message has settled like a jug of cold water in a good part of the socialist leadership, which considers that Gabilondo must leave to activate the renewal of the party after its collapse. However, in the ranks of the PSOE-M there are those who consider that the assumption of responsibilities must be even greater and that the general secretary, José Manuel Franco, must present his resignation to start the congressional process in the hands of a manager and thus broadcasting the message that the Socialists have taken note, according to some leaders consulted.

In the socialist ranks they have promised to reflect on what has happened to the unmitigated defeat obtained in the Madrid elections. In addition to the candidate – who was on the way out – and the problems of the organization, which has been in the opposition for almost three decades and very focused on its internal troubles, the Socialists admit that the campaign has not been good. In what they strive in the socialist leadership is to move away the debacle of Sánchez’s management, despite the fact that Ayuso raised the elections as a plebiscite between the Government and that of the Community of Madrid, although they admit that the PP has “known read “fed up by the pandemic. The first vice president, Carmen Calvo, has summarized it in that the campaign of the right “has consisted of canes, not finding your ex and receiving cockles openers”. “Spain is not there for that, but we assume it and the Government is in what it has to be: political stability, economic recovery and continuing to work, which is what at the end of the day is what reaches men and women from this country, “said Calvo, who, as Ábalos and Gabilondo did, reiterated that the Socialists did not expect that result in the region.

“We are an organization that knows how to read every event that happens to us and we know how to get out of it as we have always done with reflection and work,” said Calvo. “A common sense data from last night is that Mr. Casado is the second of the PP. Mr. Casado has allowed Ayuso to lead to the most radical discourse and content of the Spanish right. I don’t know how that is going to work in the rest of Spain Madrid is Spain and very important, but the rest of Spain exists and matters and it is convenient that we begin to respect not only territorial diversity but also what the nation as a whole entails “, Calvo added:” They are territorial elections that have won the PP of Madrid with the speech of Vox “.


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