February 27, 2021

The PSOE remains, United We can grow and Vox benefits from the fall of the PP, according to the CIS

CIS February 2021

CIS vote estimate (in% of the total valid vote)

The CIS barometer for the month of February keeps the PSOE at the top with a vote estimate of 30.7%, the same as in the previous poll, and thus extends to almost twelve points its advantage over the PP. Vox cuts its distance with the party led by Pablo Casado: the popular ones lose close to two points and stay at 18.8% – compared to 20.5% in January -, while the formation of Santiago Abascal grows slightly until the 13th , 6% vote estimate, six tenths more than in January.

According to this survey, Unidos Podemos continues to be the fourth force with 11.2%, a rise of half a point compared to the previous month. Ciudadanos, meanwhile, remains stable at 9.3%, after having dropped from the 10% barrier in January.

The barometer is drawn up between February 3 and 11, coinciding with the beginning of the trial of the former PP owner Luis Bárcenas for the payment of the works of the PP headquarters and in the middle of the electoral campaign of the Catalan elections.


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