March 6, 2021

The PSOE remains ahead in voting intention followed by the PP to 5 seats according to ABC

The Socialist Party remains in front in intention to vote with 120 seats, the same as it currently has, with only 5 difference from the Popular Party that would get 115, 26 more than the current 89, according to a GAD3 poll for the newspaper ABC.

In third place would be Vox with 35 (17 less than the current 52), followed by Unidas Podemos with 28 (loses 7 of the 35 it has) and Ciudadanos who would obtain 8 (loses 2 of the 10 it owns).

In percentage of votes these results would be equivalent to 28.7 for the PSOE, 27.1 for the PP, 11.7 for Vox, 10.9 for United We Can and 5.9 for Citizens.


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