The PSOE registers an amendment to prevent the Animal Welfare Law from being applied to hunting dogs

The PSOE registers an amendment to prevent the Animal Welfare Law from being applied to hunting dogs

The PSOE disagrees with the draft law on the protection, rights and welfare of animals in which the General Directorate of Animal Rights under the Ministry of Ione Belarra (Unidas Podemos) has been working. The socialist parliamentary group has presented this Tuesday in Congress four amendments to the text prepared by Social Rights. Among the proposals that they propose to include, they are committed to preventing this rule from being applied to “hunting dogs, rehalas and auxiliary hunting animals”.

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For Podemos, the socialist amendment is "extremely serious", as pointed out by one of the spokespersons for the formation, María Teresa Pérez. "It is animal abuse regardless of whether it is an animal intended for a work activity or a domestic accompaniment," she asserted. However, the majority shareholder of the Government advocates applying this rule "exclusively to pets that are kept in the family home and live there with their owners."

Therefore, the text of the PSOE proposes not only to exclude animals from the hunting sector, but also the rest of the creatures that are used in “specific sports activities”, such as “falconry birds, shepherd dogs and livestock guard dogs ” and in “professional activities”, “such as rescue dogs, companion animals used in assisted interventions or animals of the Security Forces and Bodies or of the Armed Forces”. For hunting dogs, from the socialist parliamentary group they assure that these animals "will have their own legislation as established in the National Game Management Strategy".

Patxi López, parliamentary spokesman for the PSOE, already announced last Thursday in Congress that the Socialists made this decision "in line with European regulations" and with the aim "of avoiding conflicts with the autonomous communities that have exclusive powers."

This Tuesday they have registered the amendment. In it they defend that "the social and functional reality of the use of work, auxiliary or social function animals encounters serious problems for its sustainability and development, as it is generically included in the regulations for the protection of pets". Among the rest of the amendments, the socialist formation also advocates removing from the text the prohibition of "shooting the pigeon or shooting the tube".

At the beginning of August, the Council of Ministers approved the Animal Rights bill in the second round, promoted by the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda. Following the Government's decision the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation (RFEC) issued a statement in which it denounced "the non-compliance of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) with its commitment to prevent auxiliary animals for hunting" from being affected by this rule. Finally, the socialists have taken to Congress the claims of the hunters.

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