July 25, 2021

The PSOE recovers, United We can fall and Vox cuts distances with the PP, according to the CIS

CIS July 2021

CIS vote estimate (in% of the total valid vote)

The PSOE has managed to halt its downward trend, which was reflected by the Sociological Research Center and has recovered part of the electoral terrain ceded in recent months, according to the CIS barometer for July, published this Wednesday, which also reflects a significant fall in United Podemos, which gives two points in vote estimation. On the right, the PP slows the rise it had accumulated for months and gave a few tenths against Vox.

The July barometer, the last of the political course, is the first that collects the effects of the government crisis that Pedro Sánchez carried out on July 10. According to the institute led by José Félix Tezanos, the Socialists make a profit on part of these changes and go from 27.4% of the last barometer to 28.6% of this, a rise of more than one percentage point in vote estimation and that places them above the results of the last generals, a psychological barrier that they had lost in the last two deliveries of the CIS.

The PP, for its part, which had been recovering for several months in the polls, this time leaves a few tenths compared to the last barometer. It goes from 23.9% in June to 23.4% of this. Those of Pablo Casado had been in an upward trend since March, when they touched their ground with 17.9% in voting intention, and that now they are partially stopped by a slight recovery of Vox. Of course, the popular ones are still installed on a comfortable mattress that places them above their 10N results, when they won 20.8% of the votes.

The recovery of Vox is very slight and places them still far from their best results in the CIS barometers and below the 10N data. The far-right party would take 13.6% of the votes, six tenths more than a month ago. Those of Santiago Abascal have reached a vote estimate of 15.4% in the CIS, higher than their electoral results, which were 15.1% of the votes.


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