The PSOE recovers the first position in the CIS with an advantage of seven tenths against the PP

CIS September 2022

CIS vote estimate (in % of the total valid vote)

The PSOE has managed to overtake the PP after falling to second position, according to the barometer of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) for the month of September. The Socialists stand at an estimated vote of 29.2% compared to 28.5% of the popular ones, who fall 1.6 points compared to the last poll.

Thus, Alberto Núñez Feijóo's PP has only managed to stay in the first position in a barometer, that of July, in which his party obtained an estimated vote of 30.1%, which meant an advantage of almost two points over the PSOE. Now, the popular ones fall to 28.5%.

Despite the fall, the popular ones maintain their best data, far from the results of November 2019 and the worst estimates of the CIS, which gave them a vote estimate of 18%.

The CIS of September 2022 compared to 10N

CIS vote estimate (in % of the total valid vote)

The CIS for September returns the PSOE to the first position, which implies that it would now win the elections with 29.2%, an increase of one point compared to July. It is the first rise experienced by the Socialists in the CIS since March, when they began a gradual fall from 31.5%.

The advantage between both parties thus changes from almost two points in favor of the PP two months ago to seven tenths of September.

In third place is United We Can, which manages to retain third place. If general elections were held now, the coalition would obtain 12.8% of the votes according to the CIS, which implies a fall of six tenths compared to July.

Despite the fall, the CIS maintains United We Can in one of its best estimates, with results almost similar to those obtained in the 2019 general elections.

Vox, which has fought these months with United We Can for that third place, is moving away from the contest. The extreme right drops almost two points to a 10.3% estimated vote. Thus, if the elections are held now, Vox would be almost five points below its 2019 results and very far from estimates such as last June, which placed them at 16.5% of the votes.

Finally, Ciudadanos achieves an improvement that places it at 2.8%, compared to the 1.7% that sank in July. Despite this, it is still very far from the 6.8% that it obtained in the 2019 general elections.

Feijóo stops being the best valued

In addition to the fall of the PP, the CIS at the beginning of the political year reflects that Alberto Núñez Feijóo has ceased to be the most valued politician, a position that Vice President Yolanda Díaz once again occupies. The leader of the PP has lost almost five tenths compared to the July barometer.

Díaz gets a grade of 4.73, while Feijóo gets a 4.48, with a minimal advantage over Pedro Sánchez, who has a grade of 4.37.

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