The PSOE opens a file on Susana Machín after being vaccinated against covid-19 without permission

He Canary Islands PSOE has decided to open an information file to Susana machin, militant and Minister of Health of the Cabildo de La Palma, in order to clarify what happened after receiving the covid-19 vaccine.

The party has made this decision after learning the information that appeared in different media about its access to vaccination against covid-19 and in compliance with the Federal Statutes of the organization (Article 95).

Through a statement, the Canary Islands PSOE he wanted to make it clear that this fact “in no case can cloud the work that so many public officials are carrying out to manage the pandemic.”

To all of them, as well as to all the workers who have provided an enormous public service during these months, especially the health workers, the PSOE of the Canary Islands has wanted to acknowledge and thank them for their efforts.


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