October 30, 2020

The PSOE of the Canary Islands unanimously endorses the management of Ángel Víctor Torres

Different resolutions have also come forward, including the appointment of Juan Negrín López as the new Honorary President of the organization posthumously. In addition, he had a “historical” prologue, Torres said, dedicating a “long and heartfelt” ovation to Carolina Darias for his appointment as Minister of the Government of Spain.

During his initial intervention, the Socialist Secretary General had words of thanks for all the socialist colleagues, whom he directly held responsible for the successes achieved by the organization during the last year, with a special mention to the current Regional Executive but also to Juan Fernando López Aguilar or Patricia Hernández.

Former rivals to the general secretariat in the last primaries, of them highlighted the closeness, team vision, empathy and cohesion “that they have shown at this time to contribute to the achievements of the Socialist Party, which would have been impossible without your support and push, “he said.

“At the moment, the PSOE Canarias is the most relevant political force of all in the Canary Islands, which brings together the largest number of mayors, the largest number of local governments, the largest number of island governments, which also presides over the Canary Islands Government and the Government of Spain, “listed the socialist general secretary.

“A year ago we said that we had to move towards a social, supportive and sustainable Canary Islands, and today they are the three fundamental axes of our political action in all administrations,” Torres said.

A way of doing politics based precisely on “putting forward the response to the social and climatic emergency with a way of doing fair, supportive policy, which distributes wealth in a balanced way, than who else has the most contribution for those who need it most. Answer to a Canary Islands that we inherited fractured, with the worst rates in everything, to make it walk towards a fair and prosperous Canary Islands, “said Ángel Víctor Torres.

The general secretary of the Canarian socialists also requested that the Regional Committee have a special recognition of “the courage, endurance and suffering of fellow and deputy socialist deputies in the Congress of Spain, who have suffered threats not to vote for that in conscience and as part of an organization they really wanted to vote, “in reference to the pressures suffered the days before the inauguration session of Pedro Sánchez as president of the Government.

“We have attended the most disgusting bullying and, because I know they have had a bad time, it is time to tell these five magnificent companions who are also part of the history of this game,” said Torres.

The first Regional Committee of the PSOE of the Canary Islands in 2020 also served to appoint Juan Negrín as honorary president of the organization, posthumously, in addition to approving resolutions supporting public health, environmental policies, universal accessibility, solidarity with migrants, climate change or the situation of trans people, among other measures.

The socialist representatives present in the room dedicated a long ovation at the beginning of the meeting to the figure of the Canarian socialist Carolina Darias, “a prologue without historical doubt” in the words of Ángel Víctor Torres, after knowing the news that Darias will be the new Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function of the Government of Spain, “a magnificent news, the third minister who has the Canary Islands in recent democratic history, and also the first Canarian woman who is appointed Minister,” he said.

Torres also thanked the Secretary General of the PSOE and President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, for “betting on the presence of a Canarian minister” in the Government of Spain, which reflects that the Canarian socialism “has magnificent political representatives, capable of assume responsibilities at the highest level. “


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