April 16, 2021

The PSOE leaks an anti-nuclear ecologist from Podemos in the Nuclear Safety Council

The PSOE leaks an anti-nuclear ecologist from Podemos in the Nuclear Safety Council


The Government has taken a hit by proposing to the Congress of Deputies a month and a half of the elections the proposal for the appointment of four new councilors to renew the plenary session of the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN). They are Elvira Romera, María Pilar Lucio, Josep María Serena and Sender and Francisco Castejón. The latter, proposed by Podemos, is a member of Ecologists in Action and a prominent anti-nuclear activist.

The PP had blocked the renewal of the CSN while the government "was in the hands of the independentistas" and with the intention of including, as ABC reported, a representative of Podemos, a party formation to close the nuclear power plants in Spain.

The renewal of the full CSN affects four of its five directors: Fernando Martí (president, whose term ended last December), Rosario Velasco (vice president, your term ends this month), Fernando Castelló (also ends in February) and Jorge Fabra (retired by age). Only Javier Dies remains.

If this renewal is confirmed, the council of the CSN, which will have to decide on the possible closure of the seven nuclear reactors, will be composed of three representatives of the PSOE, one of Podemos and another of the PP.

The four proposed persons will appear in the Ecological Transition Commission of the Congress, which will examine their suitability. The Lower House must give its approval by agreement of the three fifths of its members.

The period of tenure in office will be six years, being able to be designated, by the same procedure, at most for a second period of six years. The positions of president and councilors can not be held by persons over seventy years of age.

Elvira Romera is a professor of Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics, has a wide teaching career, researcher, and since 2014 is director of the Carlos I University Research Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics.

María Pilar Lucio She has a degree in Political Science and Sociology, and since 2014 she has been the Federal Secretary of Climate Change and Sustainability of the PSOE. She is the spokesperson for Energy of the socialist parliamentary group in Congress.

Josep María Serena i Sender He is an industrial engineer and currently chairs the Environment Committee of the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia

Francisco Castejón He has a PhD in Physics and is currently director of the Fusion Theory Unit.


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