The PSOE launches the municipal campaign with the challenge of recovering young people and the rural vote

Young people and rural Spain. These are the two great objectives of the PSOE in the face of the municipal and regional elections of May 2023 in which Pedro Sánchez entrusts to the pull of the socialist presidents and mayors all the options to keep the pulse of a rising PP in all the polls. The general secretary of the PSOE has been trying since July to impress an organization that, according to several consulted leaders, is "cyclothymic" and is quickly infected by the moods of public opinion. In addition to making changes to the party leadership, Sánchez seeks that his people do not resign themselves and do not give up the battle before time. “The political, economic and media right wing want us progressives to give up and we are not going to give up”, he has repeated several times recently. The pre-campaign has already begun and the PSOE is launching itself for young voters, who are its great pending issue, already for the rural world, where They have long feared the implementation of Vox.

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This follows from the resolution proposals that the Socialists have prepared for the Federal Policy Council of the party that meets this Saturday in Zaragoza and to which has had access: "Facing the youth agenda and the demographic challenge is essential to increase the social and territorial cohesion of our country, also from an intergenerational and gender equality perspective”.

The commitment of Sánchez and the barons who will sign that text is to "incorporate the youth perspective into all policies and encourage the participation of young people in the design of public policies that affect them." Sánchez's mantra is to get out of the energy crisis left by the war in Ukraine in a radically different way from the austerity recipes with which he faced the financial recession of the previous decade.

For this reason, one of the main points is "to turn employment into a right at the end of the training stage" and "to combat the precariousness and lack of quality of youth employment". "To do this, as one more tool, we will launch youth social dialogue tables with social agents," says the document, which is also committed to entrepreneurship ("self-employment") or an increase in scholarships. It also refers to access to housing and a specific mention of the law promoted by the coalition, but which is currently blocked in Congress.

If young people are the concern of the PSOE since at least the times of Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, rural Spain has been one of those that has shaken the mandate of Pedro Sánchez. The rise of platforms like Soria Ya! in the elections of Castilla y León they set off the alarms of Ferraz, who places one of the main axes of the pre-campaign of the municipal and regional elections in the rural area. After recalling measures launched by the Executive, such as the 10,000 million allocated to the demographic challenge, the PSOE sets itself homework ahead of the May elections: accelerate the distribution of direct economic funds and the urgent mobilization of technical resources for the management of investment projects in the small municipalities of our country, launch extraordinary employment plans in small municipalities or encourage the establishment of companies in municipalities whose demographic situation is more compromised.

The launch of the pre-campaign comes at the gates of a winter that seems complicated for governments due to rising prices and the energy crisis, which Sánchez maintains will not affect Spain as much as in other countries. The President of the Government has defended in his last public appearances that “inflation will pass” in the same way that the pandemic has. Thus, the document emphasizes the boost offered by European funds. “Both in the Government of Spain and in the local and regional governments, the PSOE governs for the social majority of our country, for the working middle classes, for that 95% of the people who need what is public to face all kinds of adversities , whether it is the pandemic, the volcano of La Palma or, as now, the social and economic effects of Putin's war in Ukraine, ”says the PSOE.

"Protect the working middle class and companies from rising energy prices and the shopping basket" is one of the points to which he refers and which has become one of the president's mottos. However, he does not anticipate any new proposal beyond what the Government and local corporations have been undertaking with regard fundamentally to the ecological and digital transition as well as the response to the crises that this legislature has encountered. Ferraz's intention is that all the territories 'sell' the management of what they have called “the Government of the people”.

Sánchez's meeting with the socialist presidents and barons takes place on the eve of the start the process of preparing the candidatures for 2023. The municipal power achieved four years ago gives a break to the Socialists, who, unlike at other times, predict battles in a few cities, such as Donostia, Pontevedra and Ourense. The big fight took place in Gijón, where the mayor, Ana González, has resignedforced after losing the pulse with the local leadership of the party, which has obtained enough signatures for there to be primaries against the generalized maxim that the councilors and presidents repeat automatically.

The aspiration of the PSOE is to maintain the municipal and regional muscle harvested in 2019 while preserving the nine regional presidencies. “The PSOE is also the strongest party in local governments since more than 20.6 million Spaniards have a socialist mayor, far ahead of the PP, just as we govern in 23 provincial councils, three councils and three consells , just as we have the President of the FEMP”, recalls the PSOE in its conclusions.

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