The PSOE knocks down the investigation commissions on police action in Melilla and the police sewer with the support of PP and VOX

The PSOE knocks down the investigation commissions on police action in Melilla and the police sewer with the support of PP and VOX

None of the investigative commissions requested by the Government's partners in Congress will be carried out. The Board of Spokespersons has knocked down this Tuesday the three requests from Bildu, ERC and Podemos to investigate the police action at the Melilla fence last June, the fake news encouraged by the "police sewer" and the scandal of the papers of Uber. To knock them down, the PSOE on this occasion has had the votes of PP and VOX and the abstention of Bildu.

The Socialist spokesman in Congress, Patxi López, justified his group's position in relation to the Melilla episode, alluding to the fact that next week it will be the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who will appear in the Lower House and give explanations. Regarding the so-called police sewers that carried out the spread of false news, López has argued that the forecast is that the work of the 'Kitchen' plot commission will be prolonged, and in his opinion that forum already allows to address that issue . The PSOE has also rejected the investigation commission on the UBER papers, alluding to the fact that it is a case "that does not affect Spanish citizens."

The coalition partners of Podemos and the parliamentary allies of ERC and Bildu had jointly registered the request for an investigation commission on the Spanish and Moroccan police action on the border between Melilla and Morocco last June. All national and international associations denounced in unison the violation of human rights and requested to purge political responsibilities. According to the Moroccan police, the number of fatalities was 23, a figure that the associations raise to 40. “In the appearance of the Minister of the Interior in plenary session next week, the facts for which this commission is requested will be recounted in detail. ”, argued Patxi López.

Podemos, ERC and Bildu also registered a request for an investigation commission as a result of the publication of false news created by a plot of the so-called "police sewer", in charge of which were the former commissioner Villarejo and other high-ranking police officers. According to the signing parties, the objective of this "sewer" was none other than to attack political rivals such as Podemos. The PSOE, which has also voted against this commission together with the PP and VOX, does not believe that parliamentary investigation is necessary either because it assures that the forum of the investigation commission of the 'Kitchen' plot already exists, whose work the chamber plans to extend during this course.

Finally, the committee regarding the Uber scandal has also been overturned by the Board of Spokespersons. Several media outlets, including El País, published leaked documentation according to which the multinational had designed a detailed plan to pressure governments and circumvent laws with the aim of establishing itself in new markets. The PSOE assures that this investigation is not pertinent within the work of Congress because it does not affect any Spanish citizen. In all cases, the positions in the vote have been the same: the investiture partners have been left alone in the vote in favor and the PSOE has supported the vote against the right and the extreme right, plus the abstention of the PNV, to prevent them from prospering.

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