The PSOE falls and approaches the 10N result while Vox chains the fourth month of rise, according to the CIS

CIS December 2020

CIS vote estimate (in% of the total valid vote)

The parties of the coalition government continue to decline. The PSOE falls for the third consecutive time in the barometer of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) and is close to the result of the general elections a year ago. United We can also maintain the downward trend while Vox chains four months of increase and stands at 14% of the votes, one point from what the 10N obtained. The PP also rises compared to last month's survey, although it is still below the electoral result while Ciudadanos is the force that improves the most, standing at 10.5% of the votes. The survey was carried out in the first days of December, coinciding with the approval in Congress of the General State Budgets.

Pedro Sánchez continues to lead with a distance of more than ten points over the PP. However, in recent months the Socialists have experienced a certain wear and tear: from the 31.5% of the votes that the CIS predicted in September, they have been losing support to 29.5% corresponding to December. Still, it is still a point and a half above what they reaped at the polls last year.

Although Pablo Casado cuts some distance, he still remains ten points behind the PSOE. The main opposition party, with a 19.2% vote estimate, increased a few tenths compared to the latest CIS barometers, but failed to achieve the result of the polls, when it obtained 20.8% of the votes.

Santiago Abascal remains in the third position he achieved in the elections and has been on the rise for the fourth consecutive month. With a 14% vote estimate, it is only one point below the electoral result. The far-right formation fell to fourth place in the CIS polls but took that position back from United We Can in October.

The coalition led by Pablo Iglesias also follows the downward trend that began in October and stands at 11.4% of the votes compared to the 12.9% that United Podemos obtained in the elections a year ago.

Inés Arrimadas grows one point with respect to the previous barometer. With 10.5%, Ciudadanos is the party that grows the most and also with respect to the general elections in which Albert Rivera collapsed to 6.8% of the votes.

The valuation of leaders remains practically the same as on previous occasions. Sánchez continues to be the one with the best average grade with 4.3. It is followed by the president of Ciudadanos, with a 3.9; then Married to 3.6. In the queue are Iglesias, with a 3.2; and Santiago Abascal, who is the one that receives the worst evaluation with a 2.5.


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