September 25, 2020

The PSOE encourages the Treasury to solve the conflict with the mayors allowing them to spend the savings modifying “some other law”

The PSOE suggests that the Government solve the conflict with the mayors regarding the blocking of their savings and discourage them to do so by introducing a modification of the law in some other that is in process or that is going to be processed, such as the General State Budgets . After the defeat of this Thursday in Congress, which rejected the decree law with which the Treasury allowed local entities to invest up to 5,000 million in two years in exchange for transferring their remnants – a total of 15,400 million euros – to the State, Minister María Jesús Montero ruled out proposing a new decree law and called on the opposition to propose an alternative. Guillermo Fernández Vara, who chairs the Federal Policy Council of the PSOE that met this Friday, has encouraged that “some of the aspects” included in that decree be taken up “in some other law”, such as that of the Budgets Generals of the State (PGE). The president of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), Abel Caballero, has summoned the permanent commission of the institution to “start from scratch” in the face of the mayors’ fight on account of the impossibility of spending their surplus according to the law of stability of Cristóbal Montoro.

The Government suffers its first parliamentary defeat with the vote of the decree of the surplus of the municipalities

The Government suffers its first parliamentary defeat with the vote of the decree of the surplus of the municipalities

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“It is good that the municipalities can spend their resources in such a way as to allow the reactivation of the economy”, the Extremaduran president at a press conference at the Socialist headquarters on Ferraz Street in which he was convinced that the Government will “sensitive” to the “general feeling” of the mayors who demand a mobilization of resources for local entities and that “will take advantage of a law to include some elements that were in that decree law.” However, he has clarified that he has not discussed it with the Executive. Sources present at the meeting of the organization that brings together the socialist barons assure that Pedro Sánchez has transferred to them that an attempt will be made to find a solution, although he admits that the margins are narrow. “In our spirit is to look for a way out”, they express from the Treasury.

“What happens,” he explained, “is that there is a law that does not allow it and only another law can change it,” assured Fernández Vara, who has been convinced that yesterday there are those who voted “the opposite of what he believed that it was the best “in reference to some parliamentary groups. However, the Treasury proposal was only supported by the socialists within the FEMP and did not even convince many of the mayors of the PSOE.

What the Socialists rule out is proposing a different decree law, despite the fact that this is what many political groups demanded of him, including his government partner United We Can. The Deputy of En Comú, Gerardo Pisarello, invited the minister that the starting point was the agreement reached in extremis with the commons in exchange for their affirmative vote and that it went through allowing municipalities without savings to access 3,000 million of the fund of 5,000 that was going to be unlocked and that was initially intended for corporations that have savings.

For his part, the president of the FEMP, Abel Caballero, has summoned the permanent of that institution next Monday to address the matter. “We will start working. We started from scratch. They returned us to square zero,” lamented the mayor of Vigo in statements to the media.

The PP spokesman in the FEMP, Jorge Azcón, has urged Caballero to reactivate the proposal agreed upon within the muncipalism in May. The councilor from Zaragoza claims that the councils can “have an immediate liquidity fund of 5,000 million euros, as well as other types of direct aid such as the 1,000 million that we claim to address the financial problems of urban transport.” Thus, he has criticized the “stubbornness” of the Government and Caballero for not “rectifying” and has urged the president of the FEMP to “return to exercise the role that corresponds to him as president of the Federation to defend municipal interests or, otherwise, abandon the position”.

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