The PSOE does not support Germany in the paralysis of the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia for the murder of Kashoggi

The PSOE does not support Germany in the paralysis of the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia for the murder of Kashoggi

Government and PSOE do not want to anticipate any decision that affects the sale of arms with Saudi Arabia beyond the "consternation" that produces the brutal murder of journalist Yamal Kashoggi at the consulate of that country in Turkey. The Pedro Sanchez avoid making a decision like that of Angela Merkel, which has paralyzed the sale of arms to the absolutist kingdom, waiting for a transparent investigation as claimed by the UN Secretary General.

"The government understands that it is dismayed by the preliminary information about the death of Khashoggi," said the spokesperson of the PSOE Electoral Committee, Esther Peña, "what we do is join the call of the UN Secretary General." António Guterres has called for a "thorough and transparent investigation".

"We support the prudence of members of the Government and we wait for the results of this investigation that must be done urgently", added Peña. For now, the only investigation has been carried out by Saudi Arabia, with different versions, and the Turkish president, Tayyip Erdogan, has assured that on Tuesday he will give details about the brutal murder.

The Government for now the only thing that has done that join "the call of Antonio Guterres that those responsible for these very serious events respond to justice after an exhaustive and transparent investigation."

The Socialist leader has supported the "prudence" of the Government and has warned that the PSOE will be with the Executive before "any decision that may affect the interests of our country."

Socialist sources are unmarked, however, of the decision of Germany with several arguments. One is that Merkel does not have the same level of arms trade with Saudi Arabia as other countries and refers specifically to France. Emmanuel Macron seconded with Germany a statement of rejection, but will maintain the sale of weapons to the absolutist regime. The other argument of the PSOE is that we must wait for the investigation and for there to be an international pronouncement.

Socialists balance before a country that skips human rights and at the same time maintain the commercial relations that benefit Spain. The government has very recently the incident with Saudi Arabia after the defense minister, Margarita Robles, advocated paralyzing a sale of bombs that put at risk a multimillion-dollar Navantia contract.

In full campaign of the Andalusians -region in which that contract for the construction of five corvettes allows thousands of jobs-, the controversy with Saudi Arabia presses again to the socialists. "Ask the mayor of Cádiz what he thinks", say socialist sources about the pressure that Podemos also exerts at the national level with this issue. Pedro Sanchez will appear on Wednesday in Congress precisely to explain the final position of the Government regarding the sale of arms before the threat of Robles to stop it.


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