February 27, 2021

The PSOE does not see justified the request of Arrimadas that Marlaska resigns because who feeds the hatred is VOX

The head of Interior said last Saturday during the Gay Pride demonstration that "you can not walk around with nonsense or fuel the far right", in reference to the agreements reached by PP and Citizens with VOX.

In this sense, he criticized that there are parties that "do not want to realize that when people talk about the LGTBI collective, they talk about human rights and, therefore, they run into all of society", so he said that both he and the PSOE and the Government of Pedro Sánchez will remain "too firm".

That same afternoon, the leaders of Citizens who attended the Pride demonstration had to leave the place between boos, after which the spokeswoman of the 'orange' formation in the Congress of Deputies, Inés Arrimadas requested the resignation of the minister. He accused him of encouraging hatred and behaving like an "irresponsible arsonist".

However, the president of the PSOE, who has appeared today before the media to explain the document approved by the Federal Executive with which Pedro Sánchez will negotiate with Pablo Iglesias, does not consider the request of Inés Arrimadas justified.

In the opinion of the socialist leader, the minister referred to the political consequences that can be for those who agree with forces that "do encourage hate".

"From a position that we can not tolerate due to the retreat of citizens' freedoms, Arrimadas has no justification to ask for the resignation of the minister who says what many citizens think and is that VOX pulls PP and Citizens backwards in terms of freedoms "Narbona exclaimed.

The president of the Socialists does not believe that it can be said that the minister has encouraged attitudes of hatred. On the contrary, consider that those who do feed this type of attitude are the members of VOX.

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