The PSOE denounces the president of Murcia and the defectors of Ciudadanos for bribery

The PSOE has taken to court the failure of the motion of censure in the Region of Murcia, considering that the transfuguismo of three deputies of Citizens that prevented it from going ahead entails the crimes of bribery and prevarication. The party of Pedro Sánchez has presented a complaint this Tuesday before a Murcian court, as announced by José Luis Ábalos in the Senate, where he participated in the control session of the Government in which he has taken advantage of his intervention to reproach the PP for his attitude. “Today we have registered a bribery complaint against the president of Murcia and the defectors for what they did,” Ábalos said. The complaint is added to which United Podemos presented for those same crimes and that Pablo Iglesias announced in his last control session as vice president.

The intrahistory of the failed motion of censure in Murcia

The intrahistory of the failed motion of censure in Murcia

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The letter, to which has had access, relates that all the deputies of Ciudadanos signed the motion of censure against the Government of Fernando López Miras of which they were part and later made it fail with their vote against. For the Socialists, in addition to an act of “rejectable” transmutation, the operation concocted by the PP with the three wayward deputies from the formation of Inés Arrimadas is a crime of bribery and also of prevarication when they understand that they received a “consideration” for their conduct.

Thus, the Socialists direct the complaint against the Murcian president and those three turncoat deputies (Isabel Franco, Paco Álvarez and Valle Miguélez) as well as against Antonio Sánchez Lorente, who was next on the list. Two of them were incorporated into the Government, Franco was already part of it, and the other was dismissed to be elected spokesman for the group in the Assembly. In the case of United We Can, the complaint was extended to the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, and the former secretary of the Citizen Organization, Fran Hervías, for their participation in the maneuver.

For the Socialists, the rejection by those three defected deputies of the motion of censure did not have to do with “ideological or opportunity evaluations” but rather “had its reason for being as a result of the existence of compensation”, specifically, the entry into the Government of two of them with a salary of 75,630 euros. The PSOE complaint admits that the appointment of the councilors in a power of the regional president, but points out that “the fact of doing it as a consideration in exchange for a vote transcends the discretionary sphere of the president and becomes a typical, unlawful and guilty because it is no longer part of his liberality or political negotiation “:” It already becomes an instrument for the purchase of wills that could be constitutive of a bribery crime. ”


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