The PSOE denounces Ayuso before the Electoral Board for “the tortico and partisan use” of the institutional act of May 2

The PSOE has registered this Monday a complaint before the Electoral Board against Isabel Díaz Ayuso for “the tortico and partisan use” of the institutional act of May 2. The 22-page brief, considers that the conservative candidate violated article 50.2 of the electoral law, which regulates this type of action in electoral times, when carrying out in that call. interventions and demonstrations totally coinciding with those used in his electoral campaign ”.

Ayuso asks for the vote for his project of "Liberty" with the extreme right as a preferred partner

Ayuso asks for the vote for his project of “freedom” with the extreme right as preferred partner

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It also considers that it infringed the principle of equality between electoral actors enshrined in this same norm; as well as the instructions of the Central Electoral Board in relation to institutional campaigns and inaugurations carried out during the campaign. Likewise, it denounces the head of the General Directorate of Media of the regional Executive for the lack of “objectivity, neutrality, transparency” of public communication channels.

According to the socialists, Ayuso unveiled “an authentic political rally, centered on his libertarian slogan, and, in his personal bets, which, for the sake of freedom, goes to the polls on May 4, to save Madrid and Spain” . “Despite trying to disguise his speech in the past tense, not even an absurd abstract comparison to the current situation in reference to the events of May 2 has been enough, because the continuous references to the present time were slipping, and, therefore, clearly at the time of the election, “says the letter, which maintains that” without modesty or dissimulation “the candidate made a speech in which she appealed to the word freedom, her campaign slogan, on at least eight occasions, and in the that unraveled his campaign slogans and “his own electoral ambitions.”

“The speech is intended to mask the use of the campaign slogan covered with the solemnity of the principle of freedom as a democratic and constitutional value and alien to a partisan concept, but, nevertheless, its use is such that the electoral use is evident , no longer in itself in the abstract word, but in the whole of the discourse, and the meaning used as an element of the electoral contest, in relation to the rest of the political actors, ideologies, and the Government of Spain ”, affirms the complaint.

The PSOE recalls that it is the first time that the regional government prevented Telemadrid from launching the signal for the event and highlights some of the interventions of the act. Among them, that of former regional president Cristina Cifuentes who, “without any embarrassment,” says the complaint, in her gratitude to Ayuso predicted “all success, which will be the success of all Madrilenians.” Also that of the musician Nacho Cano, who praised the figure of the president and even gave her his award-winning band. According to the complaint, Cano’s intervention was reproduced on the official Twitter of the Community of Madrid with an “enthusiastic” message that, in his opinion, supposes “an absolute lack of neutrality and an embarrassing display of it”.

In fact, the Socialists also denounce the electoral use of the Community’s own communication media — press notes, social media channels, WhatsApp groups …—. According to the PSOE, all of them have been used “to the detriment of the rest of the candidacies competing in the elections called” thus violating the principles of “objectivity, neutrality, transparency and equality that should govern electoral processes, both in their pre-campaign phase and during the bell”.

And it is that, according to the PSOE, the “manifest violation” of the aforementioned article 50.2 of the LOREG during the institutional act of May 2 has its origin in the first moment of the dissolution and convocation agreement, in the same press conference of the day March 10, 2021 in which he announced the electoral advance. “It is not trivial or coincidental that the electoral campaign ends on May 2 (…) as the culmination of the political campaign developed by public institutions, from beginning to end making use of these that has violated the neutrality of the institutions repeatedly, consciously and flagrantly ”, affirm the Socialists, who accuse Ayuso of an“ evident intention to finish the electoral process as it began ”.

The Socialists ask the Electoral Board to resolve this claim “as a matter of urgency” and, given that the campaign has already ended, agree to initiate a disciplinary proceedings against Ayuso and the head of the General Directorate of Media for “serious repeated infringement ”Of article 50 of the LOREG in the institutional acts of May 2. And it requests that “due to recidivism and disobedience to the electoral administrations” that file be concluded with the greatest possible sanction.


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