June 15, 2021

The PSOE continues to rise and Cs recover votes, according to an ABC poll

The PSOE continues to rise and Cs recover votes, according to an ABC poll

The PSOE maintains its upward trend for the general elections of April 28, when it could obtain between 137 and 139 seats with 31.1% of the votes, and Cs retrieves votes with 14.9% and between 47 and 50 parliamentarians , according to a survey published today by ABC.

Cs would be, however, the third most voted party according to the ABC / GAD3 poll, which places the PP as the second political force in Congress with 20.9% of the vote and between 86 and 90 seats.

United We could get 11.5% of votes and between 28 and 30 seats, while Vox, 9.8% and between 16 and 18 parliamentarians.

The party led by Santiago Abascal, unlike PSOE, Cs and Unidas Podemos, has decreased its intention to vote in relation to the ABC / GAD3 poll on March 24.

ERC would achieve 2.9% of the votes on April 28, which would give it between 12 and 13 seats; CDC-DL (Democratic Convergence of Catalonia-Democracy and Freedom) would obtain 1.3% of votes and between 4 and 5 seats, and the PNV, with the same percentage of votes, would get 6 parliamentarians.

Bildu would get 2 seats and 0.7% of votes; CC, 0.3% of votes and one seat; Navarra Sum, 0.5% of votes and 2 seats; You commit, also 0.3% of votes but only one seat and BNG with 0.6% of votes could get one or none.

The PSOE would obtain majority but to govern could only agree with United Podemos and the nationalists before the refusal of the candidate of Cs to the presidency of the Government, Albert Rivera, to agree with the socialist Pedro Sanchez.

With respect to the preferred candidate for president, the Socialist Sanchez is first with 30.9% of the voters, followed by the PP candidate, Pablo Casado, who prefer 16.8%, and Cs, Albert Rivera, who It is the preferred 15.5% of respondents.

The candidate of United Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, wants him as president 6.6% and Vox, Santiago Abascal, 6.1%. 24% do not know or do not answer about which politician they prefer as president.

The survey was conducted from 3,690 interviews and a fieldwork from March 26 to April 4.


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