The PSOE closed 2019 with a debt of 46 million euros, 15 percent more than the previous year

The training led by Pedro Sánchez has reduced its long-term debt with credit institutions by four million euros, although it has increased its short-term debt with credit institutions by ten million compared to 2018.

The report detailing the debt reveals that the Official Credit Institute (ICO) financed the electoral campaigns in which the party was immersed last year with 10.5 million euros. Both the PSOE and the PP were forced to resort to this body as a consequence of the decision of the National Commission of the Market of Commerce to prevent the banks from granting electoral loans.

In 2019, the PSOE had total income of 129 million euros, of which 95 correspond to public subsidies (grew 156 percent compared to 2018 as a result of electoral victories) and 34 with private income (1.8 million more than in 2018).

Of those 34 million euros obtained through private financing sources, 13.8 correspond to income of a private nature; 10.8 to affiliate fees; 8.6 to contributions from affiliates and public officials and 275,000 euros to donations and bequests.

Despite the fact that 2019 was a year of successive electoral victories for the PSOE, the party closed it with 98 new militants, bringing the number of affiliates to 171,036. In the last year, income from affiliate dues increased by 554,936 euros.


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