The PSOE changes the regulations to allow Espadas to name his own team to organize the regional congress

The Federal Committee of the PSOE has approved this Saturday the advancement of the internal primaries in Andalusia to begin in this month of July the replacement of Susana Díaz as general secretary of the PSOE-A by the candidate for the Board, Juan Espadas. In addition, a change in the regulations has been approved to allow the future Andalusian leader to appoint his own organizing committee for the regional congress scheduled for the end of the year and not have to depend on the Diaz Executive.

The PSOE of Andalusia accelerates the deadlines to proclaim Juan Espadas secretary general in July and close the era of Susana Díaz

The PSOE of Andalusia accelerates the deadlines to proclaim Juan Espadas secretary general in July and close the era of Susana Díaz

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This has been unanimously agreed, as reported by socialist sources to Europa Press, at the meeting held this Saturday in Madrid by the highest management body of the PSOE, the first in person in more than a year and a half, and in the which have also approved the convocation of the Federal Congress in Valencia on October 15, 15 and 17, but not the Framework Report or the calendar.

Green light for the plan agreed between Espadas and Díaz

The main leaders of the PSOE have given their approval to the plan devised by Espadas together with Díaz to speed up the renewal in the PSOE-A, as expected, and which happens to bring the primaries to the General Secretariat to July, after the ” resounding “victory of the mayor of Seville in the primaries to the Junta de Andalucía, held on June 13 and which ended with a difference in his favor of 15 points after achieving 55% of the votes cast.

However, given that the regional congress to renew the entire leadership will not be held until the end of the year, and that now only the leadership will change, the Federal Committee has decided to modify the regulations to respond to the temporary situation that is going to be created. in this case.

No need for a manager

In fact, after the victory of Espadas, one of Ferraz’s fears was that Díaz would try to control the new congress, and they blamed his intention to stay in office until the end, even if he did not run for reelection. However, Espadas has already clarified that it was he who asked Díaz not to resign to avoid the appointment of a manager and interference in the process.

This past week, on Monday June 28, Susana Díaz and Juan Espadas exhibited in a joint press conference that they had agreed to call a Steering Committee, to be held on the 12th, to open the process to call the celebration of primaries for the General Secretariat of the PSOE-A. If in principle there are no more candidates as it seems (Luis Ángel Hierro, who appeared in the primaries to choose the candidate, has already said that he will not run), it will mean that the mayor of Seville is proclaimed the new leader of the PSOE-A on 23 of July. If there were finally more than one candidate, the primaries would be held on September 5.


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