The PSOE celebrates its 40th Congress in Valencia

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Susana Díaz, on the previous PSOE Congress: "That stage is over. We all have to pitch in."

The former president of the Junta de Andalucía for the PSOE closes ranks around Pedro Sánchez in the conclave held this weekend in Valencia. Susana Díaz, who was a rival of the Prime Minister and Secretary General four years ago, stated upon her arrival in Valencia that the 40th Congress "is a congress for us to show the Spanish what the PSOE project for Spain is," in the one that "we all have to pitch in." "Here I am like one more," he assured, in a conciliatory tone, stating that he will be with Juan Espadas supporting the project.

Asked by the previous congress, one of the most convulsive in Spanish socialism, the former Andalusian leader has considered the conflict closed: "For me that stage is over," she indicated, to point out that she now sees the processes "with joy and emotion. I want my party above all else. " The congress, has insisted "it serves to show the Spain that we want to raise after the pandemic".

Informs Laura Martinez.

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CHRONICLE | Another version of Sánchez

Pedro Sánchez no longer looks at the camera, he looks into the eyes of the people. He no longer rises, he walks with a firm step glued to the ground. He no longer imposes greetings, he "gives" them effortlessly. It no longer denies the "old" socialism, it vindicates it. He no longer sees danger, but helps, in the PSOE baronies. And he no longer feels challenged at all, either by his predecessors or by the party's totems.

There is a new version of the secretary general of the socialists that is more transversal, more moderate and more open in which grandiloquent phrases dictated by the spin doctors On duty, no lofty speeches that people don't understand, and no bubbles that keep you isolated. "It's another Sánchez," says a socialist baron. "Nothing to do with that of 2017," intercedes another regional leader of the PSOE. "There have been so many pedros that this may not be the last either ", adds another more skeptical regional reference.

Writes Esther palomera.

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