Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The PSOE "can not" end the sewers of the State because "it has a lot of history"

Iglesias: El PSOE “no puede” acabar con las cloacas del Estado porque “tiene mucha historia”

The general secretary and candidate of Unidas Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has qualified the accusation that he poured this Sunday on the socialist government when he maintained that "the State sewers they are still working for lie" The leader has clarified that the Government "can not" end these practices, not that he does not want to do it. In fact, he has admitted that the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, "Has no more intention" that the two police accused of these practices and still active "keep working", but has extended the shadow of doubt to question why the PSOE refused in the last legislature to allow the ex-commissioner Villarejo appear in Congress.

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In statements to TVE Los Desayunos program, Iglesias has remarked that "many of the police in the sewers are still working for all Spaniards" and has recriminated that "these police did not investigate" but "they produced dossiers that headed the news " The leader has not given names, but he was referring to the fact that Commissioner José Luis Olivera, head of the Intelligence Center against Terrorism and Organized Crime (CITCO) since 2015 and linked to Operation Catalunya, continues on the Advisory Board of the Police, since the Chief Inspector José Ángel Fuentes Gago remains assigned to a bureaucratic post of the Police Headquarters of Madrid.

"The PSOE can not finish alone with the sewers because it has a lot of history" and "you need people without backpacks"

Despite recognizing the work of Marlaska in purging these practices within the ministry, Iglesias has warned that "the PSOE can not end alone with the sewers because it has a lot of history" and "people without backpacks are missing". In addition, he has urged the Socialists to answer a "very clear" question: Why when we asked for Villarejo's appearance he joined his votes to PP and Cs to prevent it? "In this sense, the candidate has considered" key "the" mediatic paw ". For him "the key to the sewer is not that the police manufactured evidence" but "they did it to open newscasts and press covers."

In this sense, the podemita leader has argued that the mission of this plot was to prevent him and his formation from forming a coalition government with Pedro Sánchez after the 2015 elections. Iglesias has based the explanation on the statements of Pedro Sánchez in " his most sincere interview, "he said, referring to the one he gave to Jordi Évole in November 2017, in which" he said that he had received pressure from Telefónica and Prisa so that Podemos could not enter the government ". So, although "we made many mistakes", he admitted, the leader has blamed that drift on the fact that "there is an alleged criminal plot."

"This is serious, but not because it affects us, but because it affects the quality of our democracy"

For Iglesias believes that the question to the PSOE on his veto to the appearance of Villarejo in the Congress "has to answer". "What do you have to hide?", He has questioned, to warn after "the problem is the quality of our democracy" and not so much that there is a plot that has harmed the interests of Podemos. In fact, the candidate regretted that surveys have been published which reflected that half of citizens came to think that their training was financed illegally, an information that has been attributed to Ok Daily and that, according to him, arose to stop that coalition government with the PSOE. "This is serious, but not because it affects us, but because it affects the quality of our democracy," he said.

Before these accusations spilled in means, Churches thinks that a solution would be "that they excuse", but "not with us, but with the spectators", has emphasized. In addition, he has bet that these media "devote the same space and the same time to deny that information" that pointed to the illegal financing of Podemos that in the courts has been refuted.

"Let no one believe that he will win and he will be invested before people vote", because "the demo does not make presidents"

As for the general elections, Iglesias is clear that the next government "will be a coalition", but that it requires "people without a backpack, people who do not appear in the recordings", has conditioned, in clear reference to the Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado From her, the leader of Podemos has recalled that he asked for his resignation, despite having "a great respect as a jurist", because he seemed "unpresentable" his presence in the recordings with Villarejo.

But the candidate has warned "that no one believes that he will win and will be invested before people vote", because "the demo does not make presidents", so he has insisted again that there will be no more ways than coalition government because the bipartisanship is "over", but has said to be aware that "managers of large companies are going to ask" that we can not be in the next government

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