The PSOE believes that Aznar leads "with two doberman" to the right in Alsasua

The PSOE believes that Aznar leads "with two doberman" to the right in Alsasua

Socialist spokesman in the Senate, Ánder Gil, said today that "the three rights" go hand in hand in the demonstration of Alsasua (Navarra) guided by a trend "aznarizada" that "now comes with two doberman, well tied their right hand to wear down the Government. "

Speaking to reporters during his visit to the municipality of Medina de Pomar Burgos, Gil has referred to the act convened by the entity Citizen Spain in Alsasua to support the Civil Guard two years after the aggression suffered in a bar two agents and their partners, and defend a Navarre in Spain against nationalism and independence.

Gil has considered that the participation "of the hand" of the PP, Citizens and Vox is a "serious irresponsibility" that is translated in declarations and actions to "enliven the conflicts, not to foment the coexistence and to foment the injury between Spaniards".

"So much aggressiveness on the part of the rights of Pablo Casado and Albert Rivera what hides is that they do not have a country project and spend the day entangled in the pettiness of politics" and struggling "in the mud" so that citizens do not see that there is "another alternative" embodied by the Government to transfer economic growth "to the day to day of families."

In the words of Gil, these parties try to "muddy the policy and wear down the government", guided by an "aznarizada right", with a José María Aznar, who "now comes with two doberman by the hand, tightly tied to his right hand "to" knock down whatever it takes to regain power. "

"We are not going to fall for these provocations and we are not going to dedicate a minute to anything other than returning rights to the Spaniards and restoring the cuts", concluded the spokesman in the Senate, convinced that "this is what politics is for. "


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