The PSOE asks mayors affected by the rains in Malaga to collaborate "and do not use this tragedy politically"

The PSOE asks mayors affected by the rains in Malaga to collaborate "and do not use this tragedy politically"

The spokesman of the PSOE in the Diputación de Málaga and Socialist candidate to the Parliament of Andalusia, Francisco Conejo, has appealed to all municipalities affected by heavy rains of the past 20 and 21 October and has told the mayors who are calling encierros and other protests that "it is time to collaborate, to reach consensus and not to use a tragedy politically".

Thus, he stressed that each municipality should cooperate in the field of their powers, stressing that institutional collaboration "is the best way for people to recover normality as soon as possible."

"The mayors know that there is a commitment from the Board, which has become a reality, and that there is also a commitment from the Government of Spain," he said. "I know that the current Government of Spain will comply with the municipalities of Malaga and Seville," he added.

Rabbit has reminded that in 2016 the Government of Rajoy took almost two months to publish in the BOE the aid for the floods that took place then. The rains occurred on December 3, 4 and 5, 2016. The declaration of the area severely affected was made on December 9 and 23. But the declaration did not include the aid, which was published in the BOE on January 28, 2017. "A declaration was made without any instrument for exceptional aid," he explained.

The socialist has highlighted the aid package of 37.71 million euros for the rains approved by the Junta de Andalucía in the Governing Council held on Tuesday and has asked the PP government team in the provincial institution "celeridad" to the approval of a plan of extraordinary aid directed to the affected municipalities.

He has highlighted, therefore, the "speed" with which the Andalusian Government has approved these first urgent works to repair the damages of the recent torrential rains. In this regard, it has detailed that of the total allocation, 20 million euros correspond to the repair of rural roads and are co-financed by the European fund Feader.

In addition, he has cited the 6.7 million for road works; 6.48 for hydraulic infrastructures, public waterways and forest roads; 3.5 for collaboration with town halls and councils for emergency actions in infrastructures, facilities and basic services of municipal competence; 591,816 euros for interventions in educational centers; 331,615 euros to health centers, and 100,000 to the repair of the Wall of San Miguel of the Arab Baths of Ronda.

At the same time, he has asked the president of the Diputación, Elías Bendodo, that after the commitment made in the plenary session held on Monday, start as soon as possible the mechanism to approve a plan of extraordinary aid from the provincial institution addressed to the affected municipalities.

The institution also gave green light to a plan of unconditional funds worth 14 million euros for the 103 municipalities of the province of Malaga but it is not, as indicated, a specific plan for municipalities affected by the rains .

In this sense, it has affected that both the president and the spokespersons of all the groups of the Corporation committed to launch extraordinary assistance from the Provincial Council.


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