December 2, 2020

The PSOE and ERC prepare for an imminent agreement that unlocks the investiture before Reyes

“Nothing”. It was all that he wrote in his newspaper Louis XVI on July 14, 1789, in the middle of the Bastille, despite the fact that that day the French Revolution began and the end of the Old Regime. The annotation referred to the result of the hunting day of the same day the Bastille was taken.

“Nothing” is what Pedro Sánchez and Oriol Junqueras could also have noted in recent days, of having their own, for the informative inventory, despite the fact that every day there have been conversations, decisions and documents likely to become holders of whole page Of course, one thing is what is told or written and another is what really happens. And what happens exactly at the moment is that socialists and Republicans are prepared for an imminent agreement that unlocks the investiture of Pedro Sánchez before the day of Kings.

The uncertainty about the calendar remains, but the following are decisive hours, according to what comes from both sides of the negotiating table. The weekend has been key to advancing in the agreement document that, if Sanchez keeps his word, it will have to be known before the investiture plenary takes place. And the same with the content of the government pact signed with United We can.

The forecast is that this afternoon or tomorrow morning the “good news” will be announced so that ERC can summon its National Consell and the PSOE, to its federal address, to give them an account of what was agreed to be ratified. At the same time, the State Advocacy will issue its report on the immunity of Junqueras and its possible temporary release to collect the MEP credential. It is not expected in this regard a pronouncement different from that already defended by the legal services of the State last July.

So much so that the offensive of the political and media right on alleged pressures to the State Advocacy has forced the association that represents them to issue a statement this Sunday “in the face of recent published information” in which they reject “any attempt at interference or pressure and especially threat that is intended to undermine or condition” the exercise of their functions.

“The State Attorneys must act in our procedural writings and reports with strict adherence to technical-legal criteria. We are professionals of the Law and public servants by opposition that guarantee since 1881 the submission to the Law and the Law. That is what unites us “, they have insisted on the writing.

In fact, the Advocacy has until January 2 to express its arguments before the Supreme Court regarding the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding the immunity of Oriol Junqueras. And everything indicates that he will do it this Monday, although the last fringes of the negotiation between Republicans and socialists had nothing to do with the resolution of the Supreme, but rather with the format of the negotiating table between governments to channel the political conflict Catalan, its work schedule and guarantees for compliance with the agreements adopted therein over the next few months. And that is what we are trying to overcome in these decisive moments for a negotiation that has been prolonged too much in time and has allowed the right to install the story of a genuflexed Sánchez before independence.

And the truth is that ERC is the one who has marked the negotiation times at all times. Somehow, due to their struggle for the hegemony of independence, they have needed to show that it was they who marked the way to the Socialists and raised the price to go from no to abstention. Not surprisingly, his agreement with the PSOE, if it finally arrives, will mark a turning point with respect to what has been his political position in the last year since they knocked down budgets and dragged Sanchez to an early call for elections.

Nobody also escapes that in both independence and self-proclaimed constitutionalism – even within the ranks of the PSOE – there are those who fear that the stability of the country depends on the votes of the Republicans. Even if the negotiators agreed on something, it is that there should be an agreement and that there was no other government alternative except the one explored by Sánchez.

Acting Government spokeswoman Isabel Celaá herself acknowledged Friday that the PSOE lacked plan B. And so it is. The agreement with the Republicans is practically done. It is only necessary to formalize when and the document is known. In that they walk. Be ready. In La Moncloa they are to activate the parliamentary liturgy and that the plenary session will take place on January 2, 3 and 5, although they warn to heal in health: “It can be today, it can be tomorrow … or everything can fall and start over”. Everything is possible, but this time it seems that there are not only significant advances.


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