The PSOE accused the PP and Cs of being installed in the "junk policy"

The PSOE accused the PP and Cs of being installed in the "junk policy"

The spokesperson of the Electoral Committee of the PSOE, Esther Peña, has accused the PP and Cs of being installed in the "junk politics", in the "non-political" and in the politics "of the excesses" that, in their opinion, is "exceeding the intolerable" and will start to "turn against them".

Peña, who has referred to the rejection of the PP and Cs budget agreement signed by the Government with Podemos, has demanded that they explain their alternative to the measures contained in that agreement, such as the rise of the SMI, the provision to older than 52 years and the equalization of paternity and maternity leave, among others.

To spread these measures, public and institutional posts of the PSOE have begun an explanatory campaign, which will include the distribution of thousands of leaflets, in the coming weeks, on the street and in assemblies open to citizens across the different territories.

After insisting that the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, responds only to his party from the meetings and conversations he has held in the last hours with the incarcerated Oriol Junqueras (ERC) and the former Catalan president fled from justice, Carles Puigdemont, has explained that the PSOE will take the government's budget plan "where necessary to achieve the necessary alliances", so that "when it arrives in December to the camera can be launched."

He also recalled that the Government negotiates the budgets through the socialist parliamentary group and that it will be within the parliament "where an agreement will be reached" with the "interlocutors that each party marks within the usual parliamentary debate".

In its third meeting, the Electoral Committee, which coordinates the socialist campaign for the municipal, regional and European elections of May 26, has confirmed that the party is "greased" to face the elections and that "all the critical mass" of Spanish socialism is at the disposal of the Andalusian PSOE, as demonstrated by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, with his personal support this weekend to the candidate Susana Díaz.


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