The PSJM Artistic Team: Hope in the Face of Climate Chaos

The reports, the environmental groups, the progressive reconversion of the industry, the slow but progressive efforts of the political sphere say so: the future will be green. It has to be. That is the premise on which it works the artistic duo PSJM with the new exhibition CleanFuturepremiered at the Canary Foundation for the Development of Painting (FCDP)where they cover with a halo of hope the future through painting and sculpture until May 19. Far from defeatist or alarmist speeches, Cynthia Viera and Pablo San José prefer to argue for change.

Inside of line social geometry, where they base their minimalist compositions on statistical data, narrate the trends in the use of fossil and renewable energies in the United States and the European Union, with special attention to the Canary Islands within the world framework. The vision, as a whole, is the triumph in the short and medium term of the clean sector. «We cannot waste time making decisions, but we believe that hope is fundamental», they maintain both surrounded by a job that has led them in the last two years to study statistical curves. In an emergency, they prefer calm: «We have other types of anxieties. If you let it control you, you become paralyzed."

consistent message

The artists, whose trajectory has gone in parallel in one way or another with the multiple facets of this global dilemma, have traced a coherent message in all its forms, from its planning to its execution. In this project given to ethical questioning, They use locally made ecological paint in the three large-format paintings, the four polychrome wood wall sculptures that they make for the first time, and two mural interventions are the components of this exhibition -one of 24 meters and another of 10 that are added to the interventions made in Buenos Aires or Berlin-.

They see the tour as an opportunity for "the members of the artistic guild, who may not like the works, to take up the possibility of joining this sustainable practice and thus spread it," they say. In the colors that millimetrically delineate the space, vivid, they come together trends color field American, the minimalism of Spanish artist Pablo Palazuela and the geometry of Equipo 57although they prefer to leave behind any label and form a set in which the viewer comes to understand the suggestions of the forms and when reading the labels interprets what is happening in the world.

The cataloging by European Commission of nuclear and gas energies as green agitates societyas much as the construction of the Chira-Soria hydroelectric plant in Gran Canaria or the search for sustainable tourism. These controversies, to which Cynthia Viera and Pablo San José are no strangers, underlie the historical, landscape and abstract itinerary with "different levels of reading" that are revealed and in which they pretend that there is a personal questioning and, at the same time, , to the system itself: «The social responsibility of each individual is clear, however, companies are the ones that pollute the most. You have to start there, have a critical attitude and press at the right time with the vote so that the trends are met. The challenge is to achieve this clean future.

PSJM's 'Clean Future' exhibition. Nacho Gonzalez

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