July 24, 2021

The PSG, a laps with its ultras | sports

The PSG, a laps with its ultras | sports

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, the president of Paris-Saint-Germain, ordered Thursday to exclude from the Parc des Princes about thirty violent ultras from the French club that were identified by the security cameras during the serious disturbances that took place last Wednesday. in the vicinity of the Parisian stadium, after playing the Champions League match against the Red Star of Belgrade (6-1). It is the first time that the Qatari 44-year-old sheik takes sanctions against his own radical fans, when he was the architect of his return, in October 2016, after accepting the request of the players, who complained about the lack of atmosphere in the stands.

So far, Al-Khelaïfi had only verbally condemned the incidents involving the most extreme faction of supporters, gathered in the Ultras Paris Collective, and complied with the disciplinary decisions imposed on his club since the French League or UEFA, as the closing Partial Park of the Princes for the massive and repeated use of flares, as happened in the match against Real Madrid last season, for example. But the street clashes last Wednesday, between some 300 ultras of PSG and a hundred Serbian fans, ended with their patience. The massive fight ended in dozens of arrests and three minor injuries, according to French police.

"The PSG deplores the breach of some individuals of the agreement that links the club with the Collective Ultras Paris, based among them on the intangible principle of non-violence, which have conditioned the return of the ultras to the Parc des Princes since October 2016, "the French club said in a statement on Thursday promising repressive measures. And they did not take long to materialize. The first affected fans began to publish yesterday afternoon on social networks the letter of the club in which they announced the immediate suspension for one year of their membership cards and the impossibility of acquiring individual tickets in the same period. "The club intends to exclude the identified criminals and reaffirms its determination to act in close collaboration with the Prefecture of Police and public authorities," continues the note, which points to more coercive measures, such as the administrative prohibition of entering a stadium.

For his part, Romain Mabille, the head of the Parisian ultras, tried to minimize the altercations and promised a firm hand against violent comrades. "Acting with violence is not a collective will. We have come to support the team, not to create problems. If some of our members are excluded from the stadium, they will also be excluded from the group. We fought for seven years so that the CUP could return to the Parc des Princes. We do not want to leave everything like that. There are problems, but we will solve them, "he said in statements collected by the newspaper Le Parisien.

The match against the Red Star of Belgrade was the first European game that was played in the Parc des Princes since the incidents against Real Madrid, last March, in the knockout stages of the Champions League, when dozens of PSG ultras They interrupted the game twice by lighting a hundred flares, filling the field with smoke. The reprehensible behavior of its most radical fans led to the partial closure of the Auteuil fund for the duel against the Serbian team. Despite this, dozens of radical fans found a place in one of the corners of the enclosure. They caught other flares during the match, something that prompted UEFA to reopen a disciplinary file against PSG, unable to control their ultras.

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