July 24, 2021

The PSC will ask the TC precautionary measures if Torrent accepts the slim vote of Puigdemont

The PSC will ask the TC precautionary measures if Torrent accepts the slim vote of Puigdemont

In a press conference, Granados explained that they have the resource prepared in case at the meeting this Wednesday at 15.30 Torrent rejects the requests for reconsideration presented by the Socialists, Cs and PP against the acceptance of the JxCat formula so that its deputies suspended by the Supreme Court may continue to vote.

In the document, consulted by Europa Press, they ask the TC "the suspension of the effects of the impugned act and any other precautionary measures that it deems pertinent to ensure the requested amparo object", and they ask for it as a case of exceptional emergency.

With this measure, the Socialists seek not to reach a plenary session in which the votes of the four deputies of JxCat could end up invalidating votes in a week in which three plenary sessions will be held in the House.

"All the votes would be vitiated by nullity, we would paralyze the Parlament again and we would fall into the drift of the last legislature," Granados warned, recalling that throughout the week measures will be voted on that battered women have access to the guaranteed rent of citizenship.

He has said that he does not know if the government will present a recourse to the TC – which would automatically suspend the four votes of JxCat – but has recalled the words of his spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, contrary to the formula.


JxCat and ERC came to the doors of the plenum of the General Policy Debate on disagreement on how to apply the suspensions issued by the Supreme: the Republicans were in favor of appointing a substitute of their group to play the rights of their suspended deputies and JxCat wanted continue delegating the vote of their own as they did before the suspension.

Before the plenary session, they decided to submit a joint report to the Commission for the Statute of Deputies, which contained two points: one to vote on the suspension of the deputies and another with the formula that the ERC defended.

The opinion was put forward in committee, raised to the plenary session and approved on October 2 following an agreement between JxCat and ERC that presupposed that both groups would heed the ruling by voting against the suspension of the Supreme Court and accepting the temporary suspension of its deputies through the designation of a substitute.

The deputies of ERC Oriol Junqueras and Raül Romeva registered in the Parliament a document that requested the designation, but JxCat refused to do it causing a fracture with the republicans that was staged with the suspension of the Debate of General Policy and a long meeting in the Parlament .

After that meeting, after about seven hours, Torrent decided to accept that the four deputies of JxCat submit four new writings, which would be recorded after the suspension of the Supreme Court –not like the voting delegations they already had–, which referred to to the agreement of October 2, but they were still talking about delegating the vote and not designating it.


"We do not want to alter the majorities, and we accept the designations of Romeva and Junqueras," explained Granados, who insists on asking Torrent for a reflection on the JxCat route and, if he does not, he will ask the TC not to allow vote for the four deputies of JxCat in this way, which has been branded a fraudulent vote delegation.

He has stressed that they do not want to present the appeal, but has warned that they will go wherever they can to maintain the institutions of self-government, legality and the rule of law: "We will not leave self-government in the hands of those who have shown that They are able to sustain it. "

The Socialist spokesperson has also criticized the application of Article 25 of the regulation, for suspensions of deputies who "were already suspended" by the Law of Criminal Procedure.

He also recalled that the two points that were approved in the Parliament were voted separately, which they consider to be incongruous because first the suspension is rejected and after applying a formula to give shape to that suspension.


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