July 26, 2021

The PSC rejects Nissan’s decision and asks it to “become” jointly responsible “

The PSC has expressed this Thursday its “rejection of Nissan’s decision to close its work centers in Barcelona and has demanded that the company now” be co-responsible “for the situation generated, while defending its commitment to the car in Catalonia.

In a statement, the Catalan socialists have shown their “support and solidarity” to the affected workers, after having made “all possible efforts from the institutions to defend their jobs”.

In the opinion of the Socialists, the “continuity of the Barcelona plant is possible through the feasibility plan presented a few months ago to the presidency of Nissan Motor Company Limited”.

According to the PSC, it is necessary to “guarantee that Catalonia continues to be an important center of automobile production and mobility” and, in this sense, regrets the “ten years of lack of investment by the company in Catalonia and the lack of determined industrial policy by the Generalitat and the previous Governments of Spain “.

The PSC calls on the Generalitat to “activate the pact for the industry” and to provide resources for the “strategic plan to support the mobility and automotive industry 2020-2025”.

“Today we need an alternative plan to recover an autonomous project for Motor Ibérica, a plan adapted to current times, both in technology and in production capacities of current times. Specialize the sector in Catalonia in the electric car,” added the statement. .

From Twitter, the PSC’s first secretary, Miquel Iceta, has referred to Nissan’s announcement: “We neither resign ourselves nor will resign ourselves to the closing of Nissan. All our solidarity with the workers of this company. We will continue fighting for the maintenance of industrial activity and jobs in Catalonia “.


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