January 23, 2021

The PSC proposes that the Catalan elections be held in the month of March

The Government and the parties will meet this Friday to decide what to do with the Catalan elections. Until today there were two scenarios: keep them on February 14 or postpone them until mid-May or June. The PSC I was the only one holding on to the scheduled date but, according to sources in this formation, at tomorrow’s summit they will present an alternative proposal. It would be that the elections were held before Easter, that is, in the month of March.

Catalonia will extend social restrictions for one more week due to the rise in infections

Catalonia will extend social restrictions for one more week due to the rise in infections

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The Government parties, both ERC and Junts, have privately argued that the postponement would imply holding the elections as late as possible to try to prevent the epidemiological data from being so bad. In ERC they point out that it could be any Sunday from May 16, while in Junts they are more in favor of going to June. When the Catalan Executive drew up its protocol at the end of October to hold elections safely in the context of a pandemic, the epidemiological situation was not far from the current one or was even worse. There were more than 5,700 infected daily – this Thursday they were 4,473 – and the transmission speed was 1.46 compared to 1.32 this Thursday.

The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, has shown this Thursday very against a change of date, even going so far as to affirm that it was a “suspension of democracy.” Campo, in an interview on Spanish Television, recalled that the decision adopted by the Government can be appealed. La Moncloa, at the moment, has not revealed if this is its intention while the PSC is an option that it does not rule out.

The Health department considers two scenarios as the most probable for the 14F. In the best of circumstances, he foresees that the daily cases at that time will be around 3,000 and that in the critical units there will be around 620 patients. The second scenario, even more pessimistic, predicts about 4,000 daily cases and around 750 patients in ICUs on the weekend of the elections. “Each day that scenario 1 passes, it takes on greater weight,” say department sources. “But most likely it is finally an intermediate situation between the two anticipated scenarios.” The predictions, in any case, foresee that there will be more than 620 patients in critical units on election day.

After the 400 patients in critical care units, operations began to be de-scheduled in some centers. After 500, deprogramming is considered to be “generalized” and from 650 patients in the ICU is when urgent interventions even begin to be deprogrammed. According to the Ministry’s own predictions, if the elections are held on February 14, they will be held in a context in which hospitals will have already begun to deprogram operations and in which urgent interventions may even be canceled.


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