The PSC finalizes a framework document that reflects its willingness to "govern the Generalitat"

The will of the Socialists is to be "first force in Catalonia", exposes the text published by the 'Ara', which states that the PSC is a reference of the left, of the federalist left, the agglutinated party of the entire Catalan and progressive space not independentista.

"With the great potential of our country, some spoiled but many still intact despite the years of collective concern and disorientation and our ambition for transformation from the confidence and willingness to add, the PSC is already the new hope of reorganization of Catalonia and fair progress for all. We are prepared to head the Government of Catalonia, "concludes the document.

He also draws a PSC for "dialogue and reconciliation, ready for transversal agreements that, without renouncing its basic postulates, can be obtained with other political forces in the country."

"A reliable government party, in which to trust to address the country's problems and respond. Ultimately, this program has to make the PSC the ball joint between Catalunya and Catalunya, and Catalunya and Spain; it has to make the PSC the first match of Catalonia, "he emphasizes.

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