March 6, 2021

The PSC criticizes the "offensive tone" of Citizens in their criticisms of independence

She has said it in the debate of the monographic plenary on the 'real Catalonia' promoted by Cs, after the deputy of the orange party Sonia Sierra has labeled the delegations of the Government abroad as 'chiringuitos' and has demanded Platform per la Llengua "Get your dirty hands of Catalan children."

Romero has said that he is offended when these types of expressions are used because he is disrespectful: "You can't talk like that. A little respect for Catalonia, the institution and politicians. I see they don't want to have any respect . I am offended by this. "

The socialist has argued that all groups should work to build bridges and seek common points to achieve greater consensus and not deepen the differences between parties: "The groups that are here would have to decide if we want to remain part of the problem or part of the solution. "

In this regard, he especially mentioned Cs because he believes that he should have more respect and recognize what the Government is doing well as a first step towards bringing positions closer together: "I think this would make us all move forward."


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