Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

The PSC asks that Torra appear for the Catalan budgets

El PSC pide que Torra comparezca por los presupuestos catalanes

The slamming of the budgets of Pedro Sánchez will have direct consequences in the debate of the Catalan accounts. The Government needs to agree with the PSC or common to carry out their numbers and, for now, has already dynamited the possibilities of an understanding with the Catalan socialists.

Proof of this is the request that Miquel Iceta's group has just registered in the Parlament. The Socialists ask for the appearance of the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, so that he clarifies in the plenary "why he has not presented yet" the draft budgets and what timetable he foresees for approval.

Suspended negotiation

The Government intended to present the draft budgets in February

The PSC had been prudent until now on the accounts of the Generalitat, waiting for the mystery of the general budgets of the State to be cleared. Now it goes on the offensive and the first action to put pressure on the Executive of JxCat and ERC is this request of appearance in the Parliament.

The Government I had started conversations with Catalunya en Comú, the sister party of Podemos, at the end of November to try to agree on budgets. The intention of the Executive of Torra was to present the draft budgets this February, but the lack of progress and the constant disagreements with Catalonia in Comú made that they suspended the negotiation almost three weeks ago.

Since then, the Economy Department has maintained silence and has not contacted Ada Colau's party to try to resume the dialogue. So much so that the commons doubt that the Government wants to approve the accounts and suspect that its real intention is "to extend the budgets to meet the deficit objectives more easily".


Torra and Aragonès have not yet submitted their new proposal to the common

Both Torra and the vicepresident and Conseller of Economy, Pere Aragonès, have assured the media that they have a "counter-offer" for the commons to return to the negotiating table, although they have not yet sent it. For the commons, approving the general budgets was the quickest way to reach a pact with the Catalan accounts.

The economic items planned for the Generalitat would have given oxygen to the coffers of the Government and would have allowed it to make more expansive spending policies, they argue from the ranks of Catalonia in Comú. Now, none of this will be possible.

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