December 3, 2020

The provincial Court rejects the appeal of ‘La Manada’ on the sentence for abuses in Pozoblanco

The Second Section of the Provincial Court of Córdoba has dismissed the appeal presented by the lawyer for the four convicted of La Manada for the sexual abuse committed to a girl on July 1, 2016 in Pozoblanco how did you advance Cordópolis. This has been communicated by the magistrate this Wednesday in a public hearing both to the defense lawyer, Agustín Martínez, and to the rest of the parties, who also presented an appeal. The prosecution, however, decided not to appeal, considering that the sentence was in accordance with the law.

Four members of 'the pack', sentenced to 18 more months in prison for sexually abusing a woman

Four members of ‘the pack’, sentenced to 18 more months in prison for sexually abusing a woman

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The magistrate has partially upheld the appeal of the private prosecution, and the compensation for the victim has been set at 25,000 euros. The four defendants will pay 5,000 euros each, and one of them, Jose Angel Prenda, you must pay the remaining 5,000 euros.

Lawful evidence

The Provincial Court of Córdoba has rejected the appeals presented by both the private prosecution, the lawyer Blas Arévalo, and the popular prosecution, in the hands of the Clara Campoamor Association. In the opinion of the lawyer of this organization, Criminal Judge number 1 had fallen “too short” in the number of years in prison, although he valued very positively that the magistrate took into account the two videos in which he was seen four members of La Manada committing such abuses.

It was this evidence, the existence of these two videos, the axis on which the defense lawyer used his appeal since the lawyer has always maintained that the images were found after carrying out a “prospective investigation.” In this regard, Criminal Magistrate number 1 concluded in the conviction that the evidence was “fully lawful, and the declaration of nullity did not proceed.”

Convicted of abuse and crimes against privacy

The Criminal Court number 1 of Córdoba sentenced Alfonso Jesús Cabezuelo, José Ángel Prenda, Antonio Manuel Guerrero and Jesús Escudero to sentences of between two years and ten months and four years and six months in prison. Specifically, they were sentenced to 18 months in prison for sexually abusing a 21-year-old girl in May 2016, less than the four years in prison requested by the Prosecutor’s Office. The head of the Criminal Court number 1 of Córdoba, Luis Javier Santos Díaz, also convicted them of a crime against privacy with penalties ranging from 16 months for three of them and three years for ‘El Prenda’.


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