The protest of the yellow vests falls to its lowest level since November

The protest of the yellow vests falls to its lowest level since November

The protest organized for the twenty-first consecutive Saturday by the "yellow vests" registered its lowest participation level since the start of the protest movement in mid-November, with 22,300 people throughout France and 3,500 in Paris.

The count offered by the "yellow vests", however, contrasted with that of the Ministry of the Interior and raised the figure to a minimum of 73,420 in the country.

Last Saturday, the Government reported the presence of 33,700 people in the different protests, of which some 4,000 in Paris, while the protesters claimed that there had been 102,700 attendees.

Until 1830 (16.30 GMT), this Saturday were arrested in Paris 43 people, according to the Paris Police Department, which stressed that the day passed without any notable incidents.

To avoid the strong altercations of mid-March, local authorities had banned demonstrations in the Champs-Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe square and a large area between the Elysée Palace, seat of the French presidency, and the National Assembly.

This last demonstration was the first after the end of the great national debate launched by the president, Emmanuel Macron, in search of answers to the crisis caused by the "yellow vests".

Although that dialogue was officially closed on March 15, Macron had the last debate last Thursday. The Government will offer an advance of the conclusions this week, and the announcements of the head of the State on the matter are anticipated for the middle of April.


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