The protagonist of 'The Bridgertons' reveals that the masturbation scene was the most difficult

Sex scene at The Bridgertons.

Sex scene at The Bridgertons.

Netflix these days he is promoting that 'The Bridgertons', the first showrunner series Shonda rimes on this platform, it is the best premiere in its history. Although he usually makes these statements based on his own data, providing figures that can always be doubted, the truth is that the series is on the lips of many.

And this is due, beyond the plot, to the unusually steamy, numerous and explicit sex scenes in a british period drama. A perfect claim for "word of mouth".

The uproar between the public and the media attention has led those responsible for the series, and also its protagonists, to explain how was the filming of the high voltage moments.

Thus, it has been known that the relationships between The Duke of Hastings and Daphne Bridgerton they were carried out using yoga balls, in such a way that the bodies of the actors never came into contact.

In addition, these scenes were advised by Lizzie talbot, an "intimacy coordinator" who is in charge of making for the entire film crew, but especially for the actors, those moments of nudity and sex before the cameras as comfortable as possible.

So much so that actress protagonist Phoebe Dynevor has publicly thanked the help of this "sex choreographer" when recording erotic moments with him actor Regé-Jean Page.

"Lizzy made me feel safe as an actress, because she was telling me exactly what to do: 'He will put his hand here and you will put yours in this part.' Nothing to do with previous experiences, in which I had a director Screaming: 'Show your passion! Grab her by the c *!', says the young woman.

However, the British interpreter confesses that the most difficult scene for her was that of the first time your character masturbates. "Alone, it's a very different story," she told Glamor magazine, who explained that "the instructions were very clear: you have to have an orgasm. It's something very difficult to rehearse, so I didn't. You jump into it." .

Lizzie Talbot, according to the aforementioned publication, acted as an "intermediary" between her and the director's slogans. "I think it would have been a very hard experience if she hadn't been there protecting me and watching over me. Nobody wants a man to tell them how to fake an orgasm on camera"said the young woman sarcastically.

Another of the "anecdotes" around the filming of the sexual scenes of 'The Bridgertons' is that some of them were carried out in beds of the time in which the fiction is set, and the actor, due to his height, was too small. Camera and perspective games to prevent his feet from being seen outside the bed.

Not only that but, in addition, they were carried out in the castle howard, owned by the family of the same name and whose employees, in contravention of the current "rule" that requires recording these scenes with the fewest number of people present, refused to leave the rooms while the intimate scenes were filmed on the grounds that They had to watch over the objects in the rooms. So much so that they came to interrupt a scene asking for sex to be less "wild" in the old beds, not to break.


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