August 2, 2021

The Prosecutor’s Office warns of the aggressiveness of minors in the family environment

Conflict in this segment of the population occupies a good part of the annual report of the Public Ministry and, in the case of the Juvenile Section of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Las Palmas, “there is an increase of 14.7% in the initiation of Preliminary proceedings, with a notable increase in reported minor crimes, typical of juvenile delinquency, both against property, with a total of 519 compared to 438 in 2018, and against people, having passed 670 in the year 2018 at 807 proceedings in 2019 ”.

Statistical data also show an increase in robberies with force in things, which reached 231 compared to 182 in 2018, and the crimes of robbery with violence or intimidation, which have practically doubled from 71 to 112 .

In the section dedicated to family violence in the province of Las Palmas, the Report states that “the upward line continues in the commission of crimes of family abuse, which went from 224 in the past year to 268 in 2019, having adopted a total of 31 precautionary measures in the framework of this type of crimes, specifically, 11 measures of coexistence with an educational group (seven of which were therapeutic), 11 of therapeutic internment in a semi-open regime, and nine of supervised freedom (eight of which were complemented with outpatient treatment) ”.

The Juvenile Section highlights the increase in precautionary internments agreed in the area of ​​family violence, which has practically doubled (in 2018 there were six), which highlights “the increase in aggressiveness and violence by minors who carry out this type of behavior in the family home ”.


One more year, adds the Report prepared by the chief prosecutor Luis del Río, “the psychotherapeutic nature of practically all the measures concerned and imposed reflects the high incidence of behavioral problems and, in general, of mental health that the profile presents of the minor abuser, often linked to the consumption of substances ”.

When a crime of these characteristics occurs, the investigating prosecutor proposes that the minor be evaluated by a psychologist from the technical team and, in practically all the cases in which precautionary measures were adopted, the evolution of the minors up to the date of the celebration of the audience was very positive, with the compliance rate close to 100%.

In those cases in which no precautionary measure was adopted or that of supervised freedom was requested, the need for the minor to be admitted to an immediate reception center was assessed, thus managing to extract him from the family environment in order to avoid criminal repetition and guarantee the protection of victims.

In the area of ​​gender-based violence in minors, a slight decrease is observed, when 38 reform proceedings were initiated compared to 41 in 2018. No precautionary internment measure was requested, since most of the crimes carried out by minors in this area they were threats, coercion, humiliation and mistreatment of work.

During the past year, the number of files for sexual assaults fell slightly, 18 compared to 24 in 2018, and in particular the complaints for this class of crimes committed in a group fell. Regarding sexual abuse, a total of 62 complaints were made compared to 71 the previous year.

“Throughout 2019 -the prosecutors report- we have been struck by the increase in behaviors committed by male minors consisting of touching girls, who clearly expressed their opposition, even in places exposed to the public, such as shopping centers or in the classrooms of the school, under the gaze and passivity of the rest of the students ”.

Crimes against sexual freedom “remain typically male”


In these cases, the Report explains, “the arguments of the defendants were based on the fact that they understood that it was a game, that there was no libidinal spirit whatsoever, but rather to annoy, despite which they recognized the touching in body areas of clear sexual connotation; on the contrary, the victims related the experience as something neither consented nor shared ”.

Crimes against sexual freedom and identity “continue to be typically male,” as no complaints have been made against women in this area. “Complaints for crimes against privacy also continue to rise, the most frequent being known as sexting, provided for in the Penal Code, which once again makes us reflect on the scant awareness that adolescents have about the importance of protecting their privacy and own image, as well as the permanent consequences that may arise, in the case of sending audiovisual material, whose dissemination could seriously threaten your privacy, once control over it is lost, given the ease that messaging applications Instant offer for forwarding of such photos and videos. We find ourselves once again with a typically male crime, since in practically all the reported cases were committed by males, most of the time being female victims ”.

An “increasingly close” connection between corruption and organized crime is detected


The Report includes a strong increase in sexual crimes at a general level. In the Autonomous Community 2,019 preliminary proceedings were initiated, a much higher amount than the 1,480 in 2018, 36.42% more. “If you take into account that in 2017 the number was 1,165, it follows the ascending line,” says the Prosecutor’s Office. In the province of Las Palmas, a total of 1,243 preliminary proceedings were initiated compared to 856 in 2018, and 37 urgent proceedings were also opened. 8 indictments are made in quick trials, 61 in abbreviated procedures and 4 summary.


In the Public Administration section, where the crimes of prevarication, bribery, influence peddling and embezzlement are counted, there is also an increase in 2019. In the Autonomous Community, 291 preliminary proceedings were initiated, an amount higher than the 255 in 2018 , which represents an increase of 14.12%. In the province of Las Palmas, a total of 232 preliminary proceedings were initiated compared to 185 in 2018. In addition, 12 urgent proceedings were opened.

“Corruption – says the Prosecutor’s Office – is a scourge that has perverse effects on society, affecting the democratic system itself, by generating great mistrust in citizens regarding our institutions. All this requires a specialized and effective response by the Justice Administration, as it is important that resignation does not appear as something inevitable for the citizen that can lead to tolerance in the face of this phenomenon.

In this regard, the Prosecutor’s Office detects an “increasingly close” connection between administrative corruption and organized crime, which “aggravates the situation.”

Sex crimes go up. The Canary Islands Prosecutor’s Report reveals that 2,019 preliminary proceedings were initiated compared to 1,480 the previous year, which represents an increase in crimes of 36.42%.

Domestic violence In the past year, 2,498 preliminary proceedings were initiated in the Autonomous Community, a number very close to the 2,519 in 2018. It represents a decrease of 0.83%.

Against heritage. Crimes against property and socioeconomic continue to occupy the first place in quantity, 37,777 preliminary proceedings compared to 34,694 in 2018, 8.89% more.

Road safety. In the province of Las Palmas, 1,395 preliminary proceedings were initiated, 905 for being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, 345 for going without a license or 56 for reckless driving.


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