The Prosecutor's Office sees signs of prevarication and embezzlement in the actions of Alberto Casero during his time as mayor of Trujillo

The Supreme Court Prosecutor's Office has written a report in which it sees evidence of crimes of administrative prevarication and embezzlement of public funds in the actions of Alberto Casero during his time as mayor of the Extremaduran town of Trujillo, as confirmed by sources from the Public Ministry to Europe Press.

Fractional contracts and expenses without evidence: the investigation that surrounds Alberto Casero

Fractional contracts and expenses without evidence: the investigation that surrounds Alberto Casero

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This writing, advanced by El Español, is known after the Investigating Court number 2 of Trujillo, based on the report of the Public Ministry, urged the Supreme Court to investigate the now PP deputy, who has been the right hand of the PP until recently. little secretary general of the PP Teodoro García Egea and responsible, due to his error in the vote, that the Government's labor reform went ahead.

The preliminary proceedings against Casero were initiated by the complaint filed by the Prosecutor's Office in light of the study of various contracts, agreements or agreements entered into by Casero as mayor of Trujillo during 2017 and 2018. The magistrate understood that there may be "incriminal criminal responsibility" of the deputy, honored for being a deputy elected by Cáceres.

Contract to the psychologist

The exhibition points out that it has been proven throughout the investigation that Casero hired Pablo Bonilla as a psychologist on March 3, 2017 to assist women victims of gender-based violence, that he charged bills for those jobs for an amount of more than of 6,000 euros despite being discharged from Social Security, and that he signed a minor contract with him in August of that year worth 18,000 euros per year.

As indicated, Casero "did not inform or provide the City Council with the signed contract, nor was the contracting file instructed, nor was a report from the Contracting authority on the need for the service, nor was the expense approved." There is also no record that Bonilla performed the services for which he presented an invoice and that this type of activity was channeled through the Gender Violence Commission "to which there is no evidence of any action" by this person.

The exhibition includes that, in addition, Bonilla ended up claiming part of the invoices that he had not collected through the courts and that in fact there was a sentence to the city council to pay them.

Peruvian Chamber of Commerce

The letter sent to the Supreme Court also indicates that Casero signed an agreement with the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce that included a contract in which he promised to make a financial contribution of 25,000 euros to finance it.

But Casero did not inform the economic or legal services of the consistory and did not provide a copy of the agreement to the auditor. Remember the judge's brief that this agreement was not approved in full or by resolution of the mayor's office and was not submitted to public information or published in the BOE. He adds that this contract could not be awarded directly because it exceeded 18,000 euros and therefore required a tender.

The reasoned statement recalls that the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce claimed invoices amounting to 15,000 euros that were not paid by the consistory since there was a note of objection from the auditor

The 'popeye' of Trujillo

In addition to the matter of the psychologist and the agreement, the court mentions three other matters. One of them refers to Casero's verbal commitment in 2017 with the Bon Vivant Cultural Association to celebrate the 'Pop Eye' gala in Trujillo in exchange for institutional sponsorship of 18,000 euros.

But once again, Casero did not inform the competent services, and did not process a file. And in 2018 he signed the agreement and promised to contribute another 9,000 euros for other costs, but the city council never paid those invoices.

Also in 2018, it hired Icaro Consultores en Comunicación to organize the cheese fair for an amount of 14,300 euros as a minor contract. The procedure did not follow the usual channels, and was inappropriate because it was a periodic and predictable service year after year.

Within the framework of the international cheese fair, it also signed a contract with Radio Interior SL to promote it. The contract once again was smaller when it could not be that way because it exceeded 15,000 euros and it was also a periodic benefit. As happened on other occasions, the company ended up taking the town hall to court in order to collect the invoices.

After detailing the facts, Judge Patricia Gutiérrez indicated that they could constitute a continuing crime of administrative prevarication, and recalled that this usually penalizes cases in which the position of superiority provided by the exercise of the public function is used to arbitrarily impose at the will of The authority. But to this crime, the Public Ministry adds that of embezzlement.

The magistrate pointed out that from the proceedings carried out, which include testimonials and documents, Alberto Casero's participation in the events as mayor is derived. She pointed out that as such he participated in the contracts "bypassing the legally established procedure."

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