The Prosecutor's Office says that the ex-military chat includes demonstrations "contrary" to the Constitution and will investigate if there is a crime

The Madrid Provincial Prosecutor's Office will investigate the content of the conversations of a WhatsApp group called El Chat de la XIX del Aire in which several retired senior Army commanders They pour out death threats and hopes for coups. In the opinion of the Public Ministry, these messages contain “manifestations totally contrary to the constitutional order, making veiled allusions to a military pronouncement”.

Former Army commanders launch threats in a chat: "There's no choice but to start shooting 26 million motherfuckers"

Former senior Army commanders launch threats in a chat: "There is no choice but to start shooting 26 million sons of bitches"

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In said WhatsApp forum, whose content was advanced by infoFree, ex-military men of the XIX class of the General Air Academy refer to "pronouncements" and a retired major general, Francisco Beca, speaks of shooting 26 million "sons of bitches" and refers to Franco as the "unrepeatable" .

On December 3, the Ministry of Defence presented the facts to the Prosecutor's Office of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid to investigate "their possible criminal relevance, in defense of legality" and to "safeguard the honor and public esteem of the Armed Forces and of the men and women who integrate ".

Since there is no evidence of the presence of people registered in the aforementioned WhatsApp group, the Madrid Community Prosecutor's Office sent the proceedings to the Madrid Provincial Prosecutor's Office, as it is competent, which will carry out the procedures it deems appropriate to clarify the facts, as reported Thursday in a statement.


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