June 16, 2021

The Prosecutor’s Office requests six months in jail for the deputy of Podemos Alberto Rodríguez for giving “a kick” to a policeman in a protest against Wert

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court requests six months in jail for the secretary of the Podemos Organization and deputy of this party Alberto Rodríguez for the crime of an attack for allegedly having “kicked” a policeman during a protest in 2014 against the then minister José Ignacio Wert and his educational reform. In the indictment, to which elDiario.es has had access, the Public Ministry also requests a special disqualification penalty for the right to passive suffrage during the time of the conviction for the crime of attack and the penalty of 180 euros of fine .

The Prosecutor’s Office considers it to be proven that, in the course of the aforementioned concentration in which there was a “confrontation between protesters and police officers”, Rodríguez “kicked” a policeman, who “as a result of it, suffered a concussion in his left knee, requiring only one medical assistance and five days for his recovery for his health, during which he was not prevented from carrying out his usual activities ”.

On March 4, in his statement before the judge, Rodríguez denied the attack and framed the investigations against him in “the criminalization of social protest”. “I denied those facts because they never happened,” said the deputy after declaring for half an hour before the instructor. His defense provided a digital support with the recording of some selected moments of the demonstration in which the events are located and requested that the case be filed, agreeing to free dismissal for not having sufficiently proven the commission of any criminal offense.


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