The Prosecutor's Office rejects that Almeida's cousin testify although he acknowledges that he was the link with the commission agents

The Prosecutor's Office considers that the cousin of the mayor of Madrid, Carlos Martínez-Almeida, should not testify in the case masks Neither as a witness nor as a defendant. In a letter to which has had access, the Public Ministry acknowledges that he was the link between the City Council and the businessmen, but understands that the declaration of him as being investigated is "irrelevant" for the investigation. He also asks that the testimony of Elena Collado, a high-ranking City Council official who managed the purchase of medical supplies that Alberto Luceño and Luis Medina brought from China, be maintained as a witness.

Luis Medina recognizes the judge who sought Almeida's cousin because it was the way to access the City Council

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It is a letter dated yesterday that is in line with what has been maintained until now by the Prosecutor's Office, which never called the mayor's cousin to testify during his year and a half of investigation. The same happens with Elena Collado, budget coordinator, whom the prosecutor Luis Rodríguez Sol took a statement as a witness in 2021 and whose imputation they had requested popular accusations.

The judge decided to ask the parties a few days ago if Carlos Martínez-Almeida should testify as a witness or as a defendant. The summary reveals that Luis Medina contacted him to try to reach the City Council and that he provided him with the email address of the senior official, Elena Collado, who was managing the purchase of medical supplies at the time.

That statement, says the Prosecutor's Office, "is irrelevant for the purposes of investigating the alleged crimes that are the subject of this case, since they were committed after the intervention of Carlos Martínez-Almeida." There are also no indications that he was involved in a crime of influence peddling, but he acknowledges that his conduct was limited to "providing the contact details of the person who managed the purchase of medical supplies."

There have been several accusations that have requested that Elena Collado appear as a defendant and not as a witness and the judge decided suspend testimony which was scheduled for next May 9. In her statement before the prosecutor Rodríguez Sol, Collado assured that she had been deceived by the businessmen and that in her multiple conversations with Luceño she never mentioned that they were going to charge a commission of more than half of the total price. of the contracts.

Regarding Collado, the Prosecutor's Office categorically rules out that he can be charged with embezzlement of public funds. "The facts could reveal, at best, negligent conduct by Mrs. Collado, but for anyone who objectively analyzes the proceedings, it is evident that she had no intention at any time of causing a loss to the public treasury," says the Prosecutor's Office. In addition, she had no power to dispose of those funds.

Nor can any crime related to the scam attributed to Luceño and Medina be attributed to him. She, says the Prosecutor's Office, was "the main person and directly deceived by those investigated."

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